Monday, May 22, 2006

Lessons at a piano

My older two children will be having their piano recital tonight. One has not practiced as much as she should have. Now her heart is heavy because she knows that she should be playing the piece better then she is. She tells me "Mom if I only had two more days it would be so much better." Life is short, we can not go back and undo what we have done. But not all is lost for this little one. Life is short here on this earth. Something better has been promised to all of us. Even though we may be failing and it seems like life is not fair and we should do more, everything has already been done for us. We are already dead in Christ and are waiting for feast yet to come. Thy Kingdom Come!

Friday, May 19, 2006

I am the Mother Hen of four little ones. I guide them, teach them, hold them and most of all love them. But these good things I do for my little ones is not my doing. No, I can not take credit for it. I would have never choosen this life but Christ has choose it for me. He carefully picked out the perfect husband for me and then gave us our four children. Everything I do for my family is done by Christ, I know that I could never these things. He is the good in me because in me there is no good. My life is a corruption of sin that he has graciously forgiven. Christ has given me everything and all I can say is thank you.