Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Laundry, laundry, laundry

The Laundry Monster is back in my home. I had tamed the terrible beast this summer while we were taking a break from school. But now that school has really picked up, the beast has returned. My mornings seem to get sucked away from me. I am trying to get the children to do their chores and then we eat breakfast. After the meal is over we have devotions and catechism study. After that the days just starts to roll away and before I know it is lunch and my washer still is not humming. I need to try and make it a priority to get that machine a humming first thing in the morning. Hopefully by dinner time these piles of clothes will be tucked away in all of their little homes. Tomorrow there will be more laundry to do again.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Let school begin

And so it begins. The education year has begun in our home and chaos has followed. The baby has pink marker on him, one little child tossed all of the homeless sock out of their bag and there are mega blocks all over my living room floor. In amongst all of this mess learning is taking place. We are reading aloud Tom sawyer and the older children are really enjoying it. We are about half through our story of the world book and I hope to finish it this school year. We will finish one more chapter about trees in our Apologia science and then move on to the astronomy book. I am also focusing more on English this year and we do about 20 min. of work everyday. Math-U-See is of course done everyday and the children also do handwriting and silent reading. I have not tackled our new spelling program yet. We will be using Spelling Power for the first time. My goal is to have a better understating of the program and begin to use it next week. I also hope that we will learn one word a week form the English from the root up program. Hopefully the younger two will not destroy to many things while they explore and play. Now back to checking on my son and English assignment.

Monday, August 14, 2006

45,000,000 deaths

45 million deaths, a genocide, and abomination and a end to human life. What on earth could cause so many deaths? The plague? Oh, I bet the dreaded bird flu. Maybe the coming world war three that so many people are a buzz about. No, none of these things have caused so many deaths or probably will cause so many deaths. Our own government has caused these deaths all for sake of a woman that we scared to become a mother. Well that woman had her child anyway and still these babies are dyeing. In 1973 the government made abortion legal and I am sure you all know that. It is a very well know fact and it is very sad! It troubles me so to realize that since the year I was born so many little babies were never loved or held by their mothers. Their cold hearted mothers decided that rather than fall in love with this baby, that would have it sucked out and killed. Sad, Sad, Sad. Is the sinful nature of human kind really this awful? Do we all have that same type of sin in us? Are we all poor miserable sinner? YES! We all deserve death and eternal punishment. But is there hope? Why should even go on living in this awful horrible world? Because we, even though we are sins are loved and we are given great and glorious gift from God. His only Son, Jesus Christ, was made of the flesh as a wee little baby. Do you not think that Mary was scared to be mother? She was not yet married and the man she was to marry and he was not the father of her baby. How many of the 45 million deaths were killed because of those reasons I wonder. She was given a holy Child to carry and her heavenly Father was the baby's Father. These baby was sent down for such sins. He is the perfect Lamb to die for our sin. He is the payment for such terrible things. All people that are baptized into Christ have this forgiveness of sins. We receive the gift of this forgiveness at the Altar, in His Body and Blood that he shed for us on the cross. Jesus's Blood washes us clean. Amen.

Friday, August 11, 2006

I Love My Mp3

As you can tell I am a part of that first MTV generation and heard the song I Love My MTV on the radio often during my youth. Now on to my play on words. I bought my dear husband a mp3 player for father's day this spring. Since he received this nifty little gadget, I seemed to have claimed it. I stay at home everyday and constantly hear little children laughing and talking and basically making noise. Now do not get me wrong, I love my children and their happy voices but I also need adult voices. Now this is were the mp3 player comes in. I spend much of my day picking up and cleaning, folding clothes or doing dishes while the kids are playing. While my hands are busy and I can have one of the ear buds in and I can be learning. When we first got the player, swimming lessons were just beginning to start for the older three children. My husband downloaded many Issues ect. Episodes for me to listen to during these lessons. I loved being able to walk around with my youngest child and play with him while I was learning about different important issues. There are always things to learn about the church and now I have a way to do it without having to be strapped to a radio or computer.
Our church has been a sponsor of Issues ect. for a few years and I always wanted to be able to listen to show. But being a busy Mom it was not a reality that would happen. Now I can download a show and listen to it when I can. Plus I can also stick in my favorite baroque music every now and then. So I apologize to my husband for loving his mp3 player so much, and I thank him for being so willing to share. I Love you dear!