Wednesday, October 29, 2008

She is eleven

Chick #1 is now eleven years old. She has really changed and grown-up so much in this past year. The changes in her almost seem as great in this one year as a new born turning one years old. In this past year she has learned to deal with her emotions is such a better way. As a young girl, chick #1 would become very nervous over tiny things and in the past year she has learned to deal with things very well. She has become a wonderful helper in our house. It is just amazing to the Rooster and I how she is missed if she is gone. Nothing seems to get done as easily as when she is hear. The other kids mope around and will not pick up their things. Then chick #1 will come through the door and the house is all a twitter again. She has learned how to cook a few things and sew in the past year. She has learned many things about how to motivate a three year old to do things. Her creativity is amazing when she comes up with games to help the little chicks #3 and 4 pick their toys.

Her party was held this past Saturday with a trip to the movies. We took her and four of her friends to see High School Musical 3. The movie was actually very good if one could just get past the singers awful tone.

Here is a picture of her just 3 short years ago. You can really tell how much she has changed!

Chick #1 sewed with wool for first time this year. A wonderful friend of mine taught her and she was able make this lovely skirt.

This picture was taken at the county fair during the fashion show. This is the highlight of her year when she gets to model an outfit that she bought (very cheep). The girl knows how to spot a bargain. She also modeled an outfit the she sewed. This year she was able to bring home two trophies.

Today is also my birthday. It is fun on the mornings of our birthday because we can tell each other happy birthday instead of Good Morning.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Chubby Cheeks

Little baby chick is already 1 month old. It had been the fastest month of my life. Even the other chicks are commenting upon how quickly time seems to be going now. The little baby chick has gotten her cute little chubby cheeks from nursing so well. I think that they have filled out even more over this past week. Today I may try to take the ugly duckling for a walk this afternoon. It has been four weeks since my c-section and I am feeling fairly well. I do think I will push it to hard and only walk 1.5 to 2 miles. It will do me a lot of good to be out in the crisp fall air. Fall has sprung up so quickly here. In two weeks we have gone from wearing shorts to sweatshirts and jackets.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A few picutres

Opps! My pictures turned out in the wrong order but I will live with it. This is a picture of the baby chick taken last Sunday when she was three weeks old. This past Wednesday at 3 am she smiled at me! I guess it was worth it getting up and feeding her if I get a little smile out of it. She is being stingy with them though and has not smiled at me since. The other chicks claim to have gotten a few.

He really loves her. When I first told the chicks that we would be having a little baby, chick #4 said "No mommy, we do not need a baby in the house." I think that it is safe to say that he has changed his mind now. He really loves kissing her and loving his little sister.
Chick #1 had her first volleyball game this past Saturday! She really had a fun and time and enjoyed that game very much. Her she is severing the ball for her team.

Oh, and now the work really starts. I had spoiled myself for the first three week of the baby chicks life and we used disposable diapers. Last Thursday was the first time that I had to use the cloth diapers. The Roosters has to wash them for the time being because I am not suppose to lift anything heavier than the baby chick for 6-8 weeks. It sure does take a lot longer to change a diaper when you are using cloth but the little babies just look so cute with those diapers on.


Is it a good or a bad thing that the three year old chick figured out that the bouncy seat can be used as a catapult? Now who knows where I will be finding legos.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Baby chick's washing

Baby chick was baptised on October 4th at our church. It was a very lovely day and we all rejoice with the gift of forgiveness that was given to our little one through the waters of baptism. God that Father has given this to her through His word and the water that she may have life.

Me (the hen) with the wee baby chick. She is tiny and sweet.

My husband (The Rooster) with her. He always makes our little babies look so small in his big arms.

The baby chick with her sponsors, my sister, and our close friends that I will call Pastor K and wife. We have been good friends with them for 8 and a half years. We always have fun having impromptu dinner with them or watching football.

A picture of the whole family

This is a picture with my parents at the front of our church. Chick #4 just barely made it through the pictures with out starting to cry. He had been missing out on his normal amount of sleep and just could not handle all of the pictures. The fact that he also had a cold did not help matters any at all.

chicks with the baby chick

Chick #1 with baby chick

Chick #2 with baby chick

Chick #3 with baby chick

Chick #4 with baby chick

These are photos that were taken while I was still in the hospital. Each of my little chicks had a turn holding the baby chick. They were so excited to get to meet the baby girl chick.