Saturday, March 07, 2009


Baby chick has very cute little feet. Of course we all knew this information all along but she did not. Just recently she has begun to explore these cute little things. The other day a loose sock caught her eye and she had to find out if it tasted good or not.

A Visit

My parents were down for a visits in February so we took the opportunity to celebrate three of the chicks birthdays. Chick #2, #3 and #4 have birthdays in February and March. They gave them all their presents. Can you guess what their gifts were? Roller skates for the younger two and chick #2 got a pair of roller blades. They will be having so much fun with them after the weather warms up a little.

Chick #3 is showing chick #2 how to skate in our dinning room. Nana and I did take the chicks down to local skating rink so that they could really skate with music, lights and everything. NaNa has posted a few pictures of that here.

The three of them with the cake that had all of their names on it and candles for all of their birthdays.

Chick #2 likes to decorate the cakes too, so I let him do the yellow frosting. I am sure that he will want to help with his own cake next weekend. He had told me that he wants his made from scratch instead of from a box. I will have to plan a little extra time for that.

NaNa made sure that she had plenty of baby chick time.

PaPa made sure that he had plenty of comfy couch time. I looks like he had a valentine delivery.

The girl chicks enjoyed making homemade valentines. We do this every year and make the table a big red and white mess.

Here is everyone with the grandparents after church services.

Chick #4 is 4

Chick #4 with his Iron Man cupcakes! He just loved them.

Little chick #4 is already four years old. I thought that I better get a few of his photos on my blog before I had to blog about the other two birthday's coming up in the house. This little is still very much a Mama's boy. I know that soon he will think that Dad is the really cool guy but for now he is still very happy to stay close to his Mom. He said a funny thing to me the other weekend after we had attend a family member wedding. The Rooster and I were able to dance with each and the little chick was very sadden by seeing this. He told me afterwards that it made him sad to see me dancing with his daddy. I asked him why he felt that way and his answer surprised me. "Mama" he said "you are suppose to only dance with me." Little boys are only little boys for such a small amount of time.