Monday, April 30, 2007

Hen Devotions

Every morning while the children are trying to finish up their breakfast, I do a devotion with them. We use the morning one from the LSB, we go over their catechism memory work and the proper for the upcoming Sunday. Let me describe to you this somewhat chaotic event. On the table before us is five plates, cups, and forks. There is also milk, juice, two frying that contained our breakfast, and syrup. This morning my oldest daughter spilt some syrup on the table so there was also a wet rag. My son Tristen, who is 8, has a terrible time memorizing his catechism so my 5 year old daughter is prompting him on his next line. He of course does not like this. Then while I was reading the bible readings my little son, who is two, began throwing his sippy cup. I finally got that under control and began reading again. Then I notice that my oldest daughter, 9 year old Adri, is practically washing her entire body with the rag that she used for the syrup. I mean she was scrubbing her arms, legs, and feet. (uh!) Out of my mouth comes the correction "that she should not be washing her legs during devotion and at the table". We finally made it through the readings and had fun singing the hymn of the day for the fifth Sunday after Easter. Thank goodness God's word does what he says and Christ is in me. I alone could never make it through these crazy morning devotions.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mamapalooza revealed

Some of you may not be familiar with the ever famous Looper Mamapaloozas. Loopers are a group of LCMS Homeschoolers that are connected on a e-mail loop. If you want more information jump onto the CAT.41 web site. There have been various Mamapaloozas in the past few years. It seems that most of them are in or around Ohio. That would not be a close drive for me in Nebraska. Lucky for me two of my now close friends planed a Mamapalooza in Iowa. Yeah! I could finally see what one of these events was like.

Imagine sitting a in a room with ten women. Three of whom you have met before and 7 that are face to face strangers. Chocolate is passed around the room and visiting begins. After about an hour of talk you realize that you really do know these women. They are just like you. Their lives move in a circle of Christ in them, love for their family, and educating their children. We all have the same joys and hardships and we all could be free with each other. There were no masks or competition among us.

We ate to much food which must be a symptom of being free in the gospel. We ate Chocolate with nuts, chocolate covered espresso beans (a new favorite) drank coke and had cheesecake and brownies. See, I told you, we are to free in the Gospel. We talked until the wee hours of the morning and still woke up at 7 AM. I guess that mothers are creatures of habit.

I was sad to leave these wonderful women who had become close friends in only two days. But I do have e-mail so we can keep in touch daily. The memories of my first Mamapalooza are grand and heart warming. I am sorry that I do not have a any pictures to post on my blog. If you would like to see a picture of the group of ladies you can click on Angie's blog. She have a group photo of us.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Victory and Defeat

I am very happy that the highest court in our land has banned partial birth abortions. Finally there are a few brave souls to stand up for the silent babies inside their mother's womb. We must protect life.

Then NBC has to sink to a new low. They are truly among the bottom feeders in today's society. Last night, when I saw the anchor holding up the envelope from Cho like it was some prize, I was stunned. Thank goodness a few men, Rush Limbaugh has said that they would not air Cho's voice. How disheartening it must be for every family involved in the Virgina Tech shooting to see this horrid man's face (Cho) on TV. I believe that we will find out that there is more involved in this whole shooting then anyone suspected.

Plus, I wonder how on earth Barbara Boxer, the senator from California, can be such a stupid woman! Did any of you hear what she said yesterday? She lumped all of the following things together, as tragedies, that have caused her stress this past week. Virgina Tech shooting bringing back post traumatic stress from 9-11, women lives being put in danger by the new abortion ban, and global warming. Now I know that this is not a direct quote and I tried to find it. If I come across her words I will post them because they are unbelievable. Maybe she is attributing her heat flashes to global warming and that is why it caused her stress. Ha Ha! I just had to through that joke out there. Do not hold it against me and my young age.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Misc. ideas

Here are my children bright and early Easter morning. We had a very nice Easter and had fun dying eggs the day before. Little Wyatt was very entertaining flinging eggs from one cup of dye to the other.

So why have I not been blogging? I have been running. I had the crazy idea that I could train for a half marathon and now I am scared. The past two weeks I have not got in as many miles as I would like. First, my feet were getting blisters on them after I would run 6 miles. I had to buy larger shoes because when I had bought mine last fall I never put into account my feet changing during my pregnancy with Wyatt. I should have known better, after all it was my fourth child and my feet had changed every other time I was pregnant. I missed two days of running so my feet could heal. Then I had a "poor me day" and could not run more then a mile and a half one day. Feeling sorry for ones self does not help when you are trying to run distances.

This week I have the new shoes working well and did 9 miles on Sunday all thou I did run them all. Now I have a terrible tooth ache and need to have my wisdom teeth pulled. My dentist says that I should be able to wait until after the marathon but he put me on a antibiotic because there was and infection around my tooth. For those of you who do not know, I am allergic to three types of antibiotics so that leaves erythromycim. Nasty, nasty stuff! I was sick to my stomach all of yesterday, that meant no running. So far I am feeling fine today. It always take me about 48 hours to get used to taking that medicine. Maybe this afternoon I will be able to get 6 miles in. Then I will feel a little better about my training.

I also want to direct everyone to this site . The Conservative side of the LCMS must form a untied front so that we will have a man of God as our next president. Lets correct the wrongs of the past and join together as a united front. The Word of God must be taught in it truth and purity. We can not put our own ideals into it or emotions. As a good friend of mine once said "The Bible says what it says! That is all you need to know." Tell your pastors about Wohlrabe running for president. If we all stand behind the same guy maybe we will have a chance.