Thursday, April 28, 2011

The feast

Chick #1 was confirmed on Palm Sunday. We had so many family and friends that traveled to our little neck of the woods to celebrate this wonderful occasion with us. Some of you maybe be wondering what on earth is a confirmation any way. First I will begin by explaining what it is not. It is not a graduation from church or Sunday school. It is not a turning over of one's life to Christ. My daughter did not turn her heart over to Christ or ask him to come into her heart.

A Confirmation is a confession of one's faith. A faith that was given to them by the Spirit. It is also a understanding that our learning of Christ is never ending and that we live in continued catechises for our entire lives in this world.

My daughter became a Christian by hearing the word of God. My daughter became a child of God at her baptism when she was only 11 days old. She was baptised with plain water, "from the tap" to use her words. This water was then combined with God's word and she became holy and set apart from all people.

During her questioning which was before our pastor, family and one set of friends she spoke of the faith that was given to her by God. In a very poised manner, she told us of the triune God, her sinful nature and her need of a Savior. She spoke of the Commandments, Creed, the Lord's prayer, Absolution, Baptism and Communion. She was alone and the only confirmand and she did a beautiful job.

In the Sermon our Pastor did a beautiful job of telling Chick #1 that Christ was coming and where he would be. He would be placed into her mouth under the bread and wine of communion for the forgiveness of her sins.

Chick #1 with some of our dear friends. I have known the lady in this picture since she was born.

Chick #1 always giggles when she is visiting with this lovely women. She prepared beautiful food and everyone loved it.

My sister decorated this beautiful cake for the special day. Chick #1 had a hard time coming up with an idea for the cake but we guided her to this nice design.

Here is the whole family.

Chick #1 with The Rooster's father. It was so nice having him and his sister and bothers there for the afternoon.

Here she is again with The Rooster's mother and step-father. We are very lucky to live close to them and spend a lot of time them.

My parent's were able to make the trip down and Chick #1 was very excited to have them here, so was I.

These are her Godparents one set traveled 10 hours and the other 16 hours. Thank you so much for coming and spending time with us.

Our Pastor, he who must not be named, posed for a picture with our churches only confirmand this year. I need to get a copy of this picture to our church soon, so I can be hung on the wall with the other confirmand photos.