Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I am disgusted with how much money these candidates for president are going through. The three of them have raised over 70 million dollars in the past month. That is just one month of fund raising. 70 Million seems like a huge amount of money to me. Lets face it, filling up our suburban feels like a huge amount of money right now. I suppose I could use all of my research skills and try to find out what these three yahoos are spending their money on, but what would that matter. We all know they "need" expensive clothes and meals and shampoo and whatever else they think they deserve. But I will not waste my time in that way. I see so many places and charitable organizations that need help. America would do so much better to help children or the elderly than to pour their money into this crazy campaign.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Little eggs chicks and food

I have been very absent from my blog for some time. Educating children can take a lot of time and we have been hitting the books. In our house we will be continuing school for most of the summer because we will be taking off the months of October and half of November when this new little chick is born. Speaking of the new little chick, he or she is causing me to pop out all over. I am sure that everyone who now sees me knows that I am pregnant. The new little babe is also causing my hunger to increase be leaps and bounds. Most women love chocolate and crave it. That used to be me but no more. I do not know what it is but the thought of chocolate is not appealing. I am hungry for vegetables and fruit. Now that is different! My first little chick caused me to love salty things, the next three were sweet tooth babies plus a craving for pepper. The consequences of the sweet tooth were three cavities. Yuck! I had never had a filling before and looked to my children to tell me what that experience was like. Now, it seems, I will be having a little veggie baby. So, what could that mean about this little one. Maybe it will grow up to be a wonderful gardener, which I am not.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Easter Chicks

Easter at our house was a very exciting event this year. NaNa and my sister and her son were able to come down for a visit. It was a very quick one but it was very nice. The cousins had a great time playing and getting to know each again. They had just seen each other in January but they needed a little time to get familiar with each other again. They came on Good Friday and little chick #4 was finally back to normal. He had been suffering from a fever for most of the week that finally broke Friday afternoon. Saturday was a birthday celebration for little chick #3 who turned 6 and that meant a family trip to one of those fun pizza places. The food was very good and the kids had a blast. After the services on Sunday we finally got down to dying Easter eggs and having a little hunt. We hunted eggs for a while outdoors which called for coats since it was only 34 degrees. After that I wanted to head back inside the house. I think chick #4 was tuckered out from the cold weather outside and needed a snack. As soon as he found a egg in the house, he stopped where he was and peeled it. The little shells dropped right to the floor and he started munching. It was a very cute three year old moment.