Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I sit here thinking. I do this alot and often and all of the time. Women always think and it is something that we never shut off. Why is it that if I am always thinking I can never think of anything to write? I have often tryed to think of blog posts but then I worry and can not sleep. Maybe blogging is not my cup of tea?

Lately I have been getting more thing done around the house. Laundry has been folded and put away and the living room floor cleaned. The kids did some good work on their bedrooms over the past week.

We had a really wonderful unschooled day. I picked one topic as our jumping off of point. It was telephones. We all have them and we carry them around everywhere. We are also studding that time period of history when the telephone was invented so, it fit in with our normal school studies. The kids learned about Alexander Graham Bell, Scarlet fever, sound waves, and Greek root words. Wyatt has a reading lesson and Constence did her writing. Then I read from our novel we reading out loud and the older kids practiced composing compound sentences. We did out bible reading and they practiced piano and played outside. I was able to wash bedding, cook, and workout. I really do like homeschooling.