Thursday, February 04, 2010

another morning meal

This morning we all woke up just a little bit earlier so I was able to make one of the kids favorite morning meals, waffles. A waffle iron can only make one waffle at a time so it takes about an hour to make these. That reason makes this meal happen a little less often in this house. I cooked the left over bacon from earlier in the week to go with the waffles.

Tomorrow it might be another egg morning in our house. I have not planned that far in my head yet. The Rooster takes over breakfast duties on the weekends. He makes a huge meal on Saturday mornings. I remember when he first decided to start that job in the house. He said, " I want to do something that the kids will always remember". So he picked making Saturday morning breakfast. Sometimes other things get in the way, like baseball games or hunting, but as a rule, it is his job. The kids always look forward to Daddy breakfast. Every now and then I will help to make biscuits or mix up pancake batter. Usually it is a morning that I can enjoy a little quite and drink my coffee.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

More hen house breakfasts

My pictures got flipped around but we can live with that. This morning I made muffins for the little chicks. This is the recipe that I used this morning. I can not find my favorite recipe for muffins because my little chicks like to look at my cookbooks. I wish they were a little nicer to my books so the pages would not wear out. The page out of my Better Homes and Garden cook had the same demise as the cover, destroyed. So I am hunting for a good substitute. This one is close but the texture is a little crumbly. The chicks loved them so they will work for now. We also had grapefruit which is a favorite of all the chicks. My blue coffee cup was a Mother's Day from the fourth chick that he picked out all be himself.

Yesterday we had french toast. I fried half a pound of sausage and made 13 pieces of french toast. Two chicks had a banana to fill up their tummies. The batter that I dipped the bread in had 6 eggs, about a cup of milk, vanilla, and cinnamon in it. We top our toast with little butter (if wanted) and a drizzle of syrup. For while I tried using real maple syrup but the price started to go up. Now we use regular high fructose, maple flavored, corn syrup. When there are 5 children in the house and 1 income, corners have be cut.
Homeschooling makes it so much easier for me to make homemade meals for my family. We are not in hurry to get out of the door in the morning so they can read and do studies while I busy myself in the kitchen. They look forward to our time sitting around the table and enjoy each others company. I hope that this will stay true as the older one get closer to their teenage years. I am sure that many people will tell me that this will change but I can always hope.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Hen house breakfast

Many people are surprised to find out that my children do not, as a rule, eat cereal or processed food for breakfast. Every now and then The Rooster will buy the boxes of sugar (cereal) when they are on sale. It is not the most practical thing for me to feed my little brood of chicks because they would empty a box everyday. Yesterday this was our breakfast. I cooked 1/2 pound of bacon, 6 eggs, one green onion, 1 oz. of cheese, 7 pieces of toast and banana. Chick #1 is not fond of eggs so she has toast with peanut butter and a banana. The children do not drink coffee, that is my cute little cup. They either have raw milk or water, every now and then we will have juice served at breakfast.

On a good day we are eating a little before 9am. The children have become better about starting a few of the subjects before we eat so our school day does not last so long. What am I cooking this morning? Sausage and french toast.