Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The child's gate no longer will hold my 16 month old son down stairs. Thank goodness that the gate squeaks when ever his little hand begins to pull on it. No longer can I leave him alone in the living room. My life is again filled with new worries as one of my little children begins on a new adventure in their life. It is so hard to begin to see them grow and learn new things. We must, as parents, see them fall, get banged up, frustrated and then try all over again. We, as parents, are always ready to hold them and comfort them when the times comes. They do not always come to us but we are always picking them up. Our Heavenly Father does the same with us. We will try new things and fail. Our lives will not be as we think that they should but He always has His plan for us. His promise of Heaven is what we can remember when we are being bruised by this world around us.