Saturday, November 01, 2008


We have started a Halloween tradition of having some friends over on Halloween so the kids can have some good old fashioned fun and the adults can enjoy some nice conversation. This year I made Cheeseburger soup and chili. It was very tasty and everyone enjoyed it.

Here is a picture of chick #3 and 4 with their friend the Cool Cowboy.

Chick #1 was a wife of an Frontier minuteman from the Revolutionary War and her best friend is a veterinarian.

Here are the Minute Men ready for fight for our freedoms. Chick #2 is the smallest guy on the right.

Here the whole crowd in enjoying the wonderful chocolate harvest. Yet again my dear chicks have failed me and they did not harvest enough Twix candy bars.

I do believe that little chick #4 had his fill of candy after all of the fun was over.


Are bagless vacuums really that best thing to buy? Right now I do not know. Please excuse the mess!