Thursday, April 02, 2009

golden birthday

Chick #2 turned 10 on the 10th of March so it was his golden birthday. I wanted to do something just a little different for him to mark this special day. Ten presents wrapped in golden paper seemed very fitting. Now you must know that they were not expensive gifts. Just little things that I knew he would be happy with. Trading cards, gum, a candy bar, a top from the clearance rack for $4 were a few of things that he enjoyed unwrapping. He also had asked me for a Green Bay Packer cake, this was the attempt that I made.
We had his party at home and I did not want four 9-12yr. old boys running around the house all afternoon, so I sent them on a treasure hunt. They had to solve the riddles on pieces of paper to find out where the next clue was hidden. The boys plus the oldest chick ended up running all over our little town to find the clues. Chicks #3 and 4 had to stay home with us because they do not listen to the older kids so well.

His party was about week after his real birthday so he had asked The Rooster to bring him home a giant cookie from Sam's. I think that it added a few pounds to both the Rooster and I.

Here he is standing by his ten gifts. They were on our mantel for two day before his birthday. He spent a lot of his time looking at and shaking his gifts. A few of the bottoms had some how been opened by his birthday. He claims to have no recollection of removing any tape. Yeah right!

Saturday, March 07, 2009


Baby chick has very cute little feet. Of course we all knew this information all along but she did not. Just recently she has begun to explore these cute little things. The other day a loose sock caught her eye and she had to find out if it tasted good or not.

A Visit

My parents were down for a visits in February so we took the opportunity to celebrate three of the chicks birthdays. Chick #2, #3 and #4 have birthdays in February and March. They gave them all their presents. Can you guess what their gifts were? Roller skates for the younger two and chick #2 got a pair of roller blades. They will be having so much fun with them after the weather warms up a little.

Chick #3 is showing chick #2 how to skate in our dinning room. Nana and I did take the chicks down to local skating rink so that they could really skate with music, lights and everything. NaNa has posted a few pictures of that here.

The three of them with the cake that had all of their names on it and candles for all of their birthdays.

Chick #2 likes to decorate the cakes too, so I let him do the yellow frosting. I am sure that he will want to help with his own cake next weekend. He had told me that he wants his made from scratch instead of from a box. I will have to plan a little extra time for that.

NaNa made sure that she had plenty of baby chick time.

PaPa made sure that he had plenty of comfy couch time. I looks like he had a valentine delivery.

The girl chicks enjoyed making homemade valentines. We do this every year and make the table a big red and white mess.

Here is everyone with the grandparents after church services.

Chick #4 is 4

Chick #4 with his Iron Man cupcakes! He just loved them.

Little chick #4 is already four years old. I thought that I better get a few of his photos on my blog before I had to blog about the other two birthday's coming up in the house. This little is still very much a Mama's boy. I know that soon he will think that Dad is the really cool guy but for now he is still very happy to stay close to his Mom. He said a funny thing to me the other weekend after we had attend a family member wedding. The Rooster and I were able to dance with each and the little chick was very sadden by seeing this. He told me afterwards that it made him sad to see me dancing with his daddy. I asked him why he felt that way and his answer surprised me. "Mama" he said "you are suppose to only dance with me." Little boys are only little boys for such a small amount of time.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Now here is a question for you. Are you behind or really ahead when you accidentally fold the dirty laundry? I do not know, ask The Rooster.

Friday, January 23, 2009


The baby chick with her new bib. There will be plenty of room for when she starts to eat solid foods in about 3 more months.

Here I am, The Hen, making pizza crust for the Rooster and Chicks dinner. Yes, I am not wearing make-up. Now the whole world knows what I look like with out mascara. Oh the horror.

Unexpected gifts are some of the funnest ones to receive. My friend wrote about sewing a apron for a gift. I was secretly very excited because hen material would definitely give away who it would be for. I was hoping maybe I would get the gift. Why would I be chosen though? I know this woman and we really get along very well. Actually, I think that we are very much the same. I was so happy to open this gift which was a rooster and hen apron for me. I love aprons and like to have an excuse to wear them. I do not know if she knew that about me at the time when she made it. She also sent me mint flavored chocolate. This is also my favorite. If I am given a choice over flavors and mint is one flavor to choose, you betcha, I will choose it. The baby chick also received a beautiful bib. This woman is so talented and I am very thankful for the gifts she sent us.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

When you buy a towel

One day the Hen was able to go shopping. OK, I wasn't really shopping just trying to get in and out of Target quickly with five children before baby chick had to nurse. I just needed to buy some basic house stuff like tp paper and toothpaste ect.. While finding my purchases I decide to look at the towels. I could really use some for the upstairs bathroom with few washcloths too. So after looking them over I bought the cheapest ones in green and pink. Two days later, at home, baby chick takes a nap, so I decide to find a home for our four towels and four washcloths. I started looking through the drawers in the bathroom and realized I needed to clean them out. I was setting my goals low. I just wanted to clean out two drawers. Opening the first drawer I begin to remove junk. I would like to know where all of this junk comes from. Shower gel had spilled into the bottom of this drawer so I pulled it out and wiped it nice and clean. Now for the bottom drawer, which I also pulled out and cleaned do to more shower gel. When I pulled out the bottom drawer more junk fell into it's place so why not clean under the sink too. I hate under the sink. It is my all time most hated spot in the house. I noticed that there were wet toilette paper rolls under the sink. Oh no! Hey I just bought these, what happened to them. I look under the sink and see a crack. Oh no again! I knew the over flow had a crack but this seemed new. I turned on the water and sure enough it began to drip. There had been some old pull ups under there from when I potty trained chick #4. Those had been soaking up the water and then drying out in between sink uses. So under the sink had to be scrubbed with bleach water do to some mold that had grown there. The Rooster was not exactly pleased when I called him and asked him if he could pick up a new sink. It had to be done, you just can not limp along with a cracked sink. Since I had cleaned that much on the vanity I went ahead and cleared out the last two drawers. I really want to know who keeps putting toys in the drawers in the bathroom. After it was all said and done there is a nice new sink in our up stairs bathroom. Just be careful if you buy new towels for your bathroom. Who knows what may happen.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Hold on to your hats

I ran across this tonight while I was looking through all of my bookmarks. Sometimes you need to checkout those things that are important but we often set aside. I am a little scared about how this could turn out. Lets all pray that the most vulnerable in this world would be protected.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Day of Christmas continued

On the sixth day of Christmas what was the Hen doing?

Said good morning to her sister. (Who surprised us by driving down all night with her husband and son to see us and my parents for the new year.)

On the seventh day of Christmas what was the Hen doing?

Visited with more friends.

To be continued.

I hope that everyone has a very blessed new year and rejoices in the many gifts Our Father in heaven has given us.