Friday, January 29, 2010

Library day

Today we traveled to the Library in the big city where we live. Our little country town library does not offer much in the way of children's nonfiction, so we pay to go to the library in a larger town. The oldest chick informed me today that she has read 13 books since the new year. Can you believe that? She loves library day and always begs to go back before I am ready. We can keep books for six weeks so we usually only go there about once a month. I thought that I would give you a list of what everyone in the family is reading so here it is.

The Rooster The Lonely Way by Hermann Sasse
The Hen (me) Emma by Jane Austin or Winter Solstice by Rosemunde Pilcher
Chick 1 (12 yr) The Lord of the Ring series
Chick 2 (10yr) the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series
Chick 3 (7yr) the Little House in the Parie series

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another day

Today was piano day. Everyone that has children that take piano lessons knows what I mean. Even more, homeschooling mothers who have to change the day to get the kids to lessons. I thought I would have it a little easy. Three children had lessons today so I could drop them off and then head back home. If I was lucky, little chick 5 would fall asleep in the car and get in a good nap after I carried her back into the house. Those are the key words here. Back into the house. This little lady is a very light sleeper. Of course she woke up while I was trying to bring her into the house and to her room. Maybe the house was just too quiet. I mean really, how many times is the house just down to two children. So then I spent the next hour and ten minutes trying to have a nice story time with chick 4 and a fussy crying baby. Not the lovely moment I had in mind.

Our mind always play those tricks on us. We think that the world will be lovely. Our children will listen to us, I will get things done, my boys will not start wrestling in the middle of the store. You get my drift. Everything is always tainted. It does not sparkle and it is not nice. There is grime every where, dust, tears, pain, sadness, lack of sun......

This will only last for a little while. Our days in this life are short and we must think of what has been promised to us. In our baptised lives, we are promised a life without tears, without pain, without hunger, and all of the other discomforts of this life. Christ blood given for our sins is the love that our Father in Heaven has given us. We are only in this world for a little while but we are not of this world. The moment will come when we are taken to our Heavenly home and then we will have all the mysteries revealed to us.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Should I?

I have been completely lost from the blogging seen. I was huge and pregnant, had beautiful little baby. Now said baby is into everything and still nursing. You see, I just can not give that up yet because she is my last baby. Some of my friends have been blogging about amazing things and I have just been here. There is a reason that I was not blogging or on the computer much. My computer was moved from downstairs up into our bedroom. It was no longer in the main living areas of the house. As soon as I would travel up to my room to steal some computer time. The chicks would begin to run wild down on the main floor of the house. When it was time to upgrade my cell phone plain I upgraded. At least with a smart phone I could see what my computer friends were up to. I just did not chat much. So I am back with a hip new notebook computer in my kitchen. I am in love and wireless. I suppose I could be in the living room with the other three chicks watching a movie but really, why would I leave the quiet. Hopefully I will get the chance to blog more often because life in hen house is crazy. As I type little chick 5 is playing toilet paper. I better run.