Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Happy Halloween and Happy Reformation from the Lutheran Hen! May the chocolate harvest commence!

Monday, October 29, 2007


This is a picture of chick #1 when she was a wee little babe. Today is celebrating her 10th birthday. She is very excited to be growing up and learning more new things.
We had her party on Saturday with three of her friends plus the other chicks. There was rollerskating in the morning followed by lunch and then cake and ice cream. She still has that beautiful dark hair that she was born with. I gave her a special gift since she is turning ten and is now a pre-teen. She received a girly bag this morning with the American Girl book about growing up in it. I added person care items, lip gloss, a little training bra, a cute little bag, body spray and shower gel. She is looking forward to all of the new changes that will soon be happening to her.

She also received this dress from her Godparents and their daughter and son-in-law. It matched one of my skirts so well that we thought we would dress the same for Church on Sunday. Chick #2 took the picture of us because the Rooster stayed at church for the voters meeting. I thought I would add this picture of myself because it is my birthday today also.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Tagged again

I have been tagged with this item once before so maybe I should come up with seven new things. Oh the turmoil of trying to think of seven things that my readers do not know about me. That is a little hard because three of my most faithful readers are very close to me. My mother, sister and life long friend. Well I will discount them because that would just be to hard. If you want to see my answers from last time click here
So now, thank you Laura for tagging me.

Here are the rules.
1. Link the person who has tagged you.
2. Tell seven true things about yourself.
3. Tag seven new people.
4. Leave a message with the person you have tagged so they know about it.

Seven truths
1. I am short only 5'2". I maybe little but I am feisty, not really ;)

2. I sing soprano and I am a diva!

3. I like to wear a single silver toe ring in the summer.

4. I have taken oven 700 pictures since January! Holy Moly

5. Holy Moly is my new favorite saying! I say it really loud and stretch out. The chicks think that it is a hoot.

6. Evey time I try to scrapbook I become so guilt ridden that I can not stand to do it. Chick #1's book is only done until she is 8 months old. She is now almost 10 years old and I will not even bring up the other chick's books. Poor me! Just think how far behind I am with having taken 700 pictures in 10 months. Oh! I can not even think about it. Quick I need to change the subject.

7. Last but not least, ummm! well! Oh darn what should I say now. Can it be about the Rooster and I both? Well, here it is, when we go out to do anything we are both very undeceive. We can never decide what to do, where to go, and what to eat. We always want the other to have what they want so we can never decide on anything.

Now who should I tag? I think that just about everyone has done this. Well I will tag Caroline ,Gina ,Ree, hey, I can dream that she may someday look at my little blog can't I. And The Funny Farm

Ok, I think that I have used way to many brain cells for a Friday night. I give up at four. Of course if anyone would want to tell more unknowns about yourself go ahead!


Homeschooling is not always easy, actually it is really hard sometimes. You know the times, the children all gathered at your feet, coloring lovely pictures while you read great literature to them. Then something happens to this wonderful picture, it is disturbed and the focus is totally lost. The dog wants to be the center of attention and is walking around with a box on his nose. He prances, he shows off, he takes it off and then quickly put it back on his nose all for the sake of a laugh. I hope you enjoy the show.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Tapping chicks

This is for NaNa and PaPa because one video just would not be enough. Chick #1 is getting a little tuckered out by this time but I would too after an hour of dancing.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dancing chicks

Last night chick #1 had her visitors night at the dance studio. Chick#3 wanted to dance with her big sister so she put on her dance clothes tried to keep up the whole lesson. As you can see Chick #1 legs are not long enough to completely reach the bar, but little chick #3 finally got her leg up there too. The teacher was even laughing at that. Chick #1 is the youngest in her class but this year she really seems to be paying better attention. Never once does she complain about going to lessons. On Saturday it will be chick #3 turn for visitors day and we will get to see what she learned this year.

I added this picture of dancing chicks just to be funny.

I hope you enjoy the video of the girls doing ballet warm ups.


A Little Boy

Yesterday my brood and I travel to visit with John and his Mother in the hospital. I enjoy these visits just as much as they do and we seem to enjoy each others company. John took great joy in watch Chick #2 try to juggle and then tease Chick #3. I think we might have wore the little guy out because he sat in his stroller for quite a while. He started to become uncomfortable so his Mother moved him back to bed. Between the stroller and all of the i.v.s and tubes he became a little tangled so I helped out. I had never held John before and his little boy's body is so light and frail. Yet, even in this state, he can smile and bring joy to the people around him. He was showing the nurses the signs for different letters and they marveled over him. After he was settled in bed and received his meds he took a well deserved nap. His Mother is ever at his side and is strong for him. When he is in pain she coos words of comfort to him in a way only a Mother could. I watched, before me, feminism in it best term. A mother sacrificing everything for her child. God has made women for a reason, to raise children and help the man that is married to her. It is not a coincidence that we were made second after man. God did for a reason. It is his order. He has given all women a vocation as helper. John's Mother has taken on this role in a way that none of us could ever understand. She is the ever vigilant Mother by her sons side. "You go girl!" Now that, in all good cases is, "I am woman hear me roar!"

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


It seemed that the topic of apples was very well enjoyed be everyone. I was surprised over how many comments had been posted on the topic. Sorry to say, but I will not be baking with apples again any time soon. I did make some delicious pumpkin bread on this past Saturday. I guessed I should have blogged about that as well.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Standing at the sink

Before next apple season I need to make a purchase. I spent way to much time standing in front of my kitchen sink peeling apples with a knife. Many interesting things happen while a mother is so occupied with fruit. Chick #3 pick up a Bob book and started to read it by herself. My oldest daughter, Chick #1 watch me a long time and thought that it looked to be the funnest thing in the world. She was amazed that the knife could touch my thumb with every cut and not injure me. She thought that maybe she should try but I am not ready to have my oldest daughter cutting apples with really sharp knives. I do not know what it is with mothers but we are always trying to hold that first child back. "Oh, they are not old enough yet", we tell ourselves. Then we have a third and fourth and they show us how wrong we were and how capable and inventive they can be. My poor hand started to ache from pealing and cutting up so many apples.

I made one really nice batch of applesauce and it tasted just wonderful. Never have I tasted applesauce with such flavor. Well. once when I was at my friends house, she served us some of her applesauce and it was very tasty. I figured that this year I would make it down to the apple orchard and buy a mess of apples so I could try it for myself. I kept that sauce as natural as possible by only adding a little cinnamon and brown sugar after the apples had cooked down.
Then I placed the sauce in jars and gave them a nice hot water bath. Don't the jars look so beautiful? I do not know what it is with food in canning jars, it just make me feel all warm inside. Oh, wait I am all warm inside because I had to do all of the hard work to get the scrumptious food in those pretty jars.
Of course a bunch of apples could not survive in my house with finding their way into a pie. I have a goal in my life to make a perfect looking apple pie that also tastes wonderful. I was close yet again but have not yet mastered it. I simply loved the way that my pie looked after it was done. The crust worked well for me while I was rolling it and placing it in the pan. But when I cut open the cooked pie is was hollow on the top. The apples had cooked down and the crust had stayed in its place. I am not sure how to fix this problem. I pressed the apples firmly down into the pie plate. Maybe it was the egg wash that I put onto the crust. Could it be that it got to firm and then the crust could not settle down onto the apples? I do not know. It sure does taste good with ice cream! Yum!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

In His hands!

On Sunday we had an extremely windy day here. It was the kind of wind that would blow you into the person you were walking next to. I know this because it literally happened to me. In the afternoon we went and participated in the local JDRF walk. If you do not know what that acronym stands for it is for Juvenal Diabetes Research Foundation. One of my husbands co-worker's son has diabetes so we walk every year to support them. While on this walk, in 50 mile per hour winds, I bumped into my children a few times. Our stroller would have blown across the parking lot with our son in it if we would not have been holding it. Now, in our front yard we have a young tree. It is probably about 13-16 years old. I really do not know, but the poor thing had a crack right down the middle of the tree. It did not go all the to its base, the crack was only about a foot and a half long. The Rooster and I had been worried about the tree falling apart and we were planning to cut it down as soon as we could. The day before one of the Roosters friends had came over to help in the cutting down of the tree but it did not happen because of the wind that day. We had no way to know were it would fall and you can tell by the picture that there are many power lines close by. So we scraped the idea and watched football. After we came home from the walk on Sunday, God took care of the tree and our children. Chick #4 had fallen asleep on the way home so I had to carry him up to his room when we arrived home. Chick #3 had to use the bathroom so thankfully she was quickly in the house and safe. The older 2 chicks were helping get things in from the car when "Crack", half of the tree fell. Chick #1 was next to the vehicle which was parked up by the house. So she was safe and sound. Chick #2 jumped onto the porch and watched the tree fall. He thought this was all very exciting and the Rooster and I were a little shaken. I told the chicks that God's holy angle was with us and the evil foe had no power over us. So now for the time being we have a crooked tree in our front yard.

Notice that the tree did not hit anything! God can do a much better job at these things that we can.
Here is our poor tree. It will come completely down this next week and then we maybe planting a new one. That issue is currently a topic of discussion at our hen house.

New Friends

I have met a really wonderful new friend. I know that in the past I have spoken about Martin Loopers before and I have had the opportunity to meet yet another one of these amazing people. Her son is in a hospital close to where I live and they are living there until his body is healthy and well again. While she and her son are there they do not have any transportation. I went and pick them both up and brought them to my house for some down time and good cooking. We have had so much fun on these visits and last night we laughed to much during dinner. It is always a good thing to get the giggles. I do not think that this happens enough in our world today. If you would like to check out how my friends son is doing you can check out her blog at Little John is going to be having surgery on Friday so we should all remember to say a pray for him and his family.