Thursday, April 02, 2009

golden birthday

Chick #2 turned 10 on the 10th of March so it was his golden birthday. I wanted to do something just a little different for him to mark this special day. Ten presents wrapped in golden paper seemed very fitting. Now you must know that they were not expensive gifts. Just little things that I knew he would be happy with. Trading cards, gum, a candy bar, a top from the clearance rack for $4 were a few of things that he enjoyed unwrapping. He also had asked me for a Green Bay Packer cake, this was the attempt that I made.
We had his party at home and I did not want four 9-12yr. old boys running around the house all afternoon, so I sent them on a treasure hunt. They had to solve the riddles on pieces of paper to find out where the next clue was hidden. The boys plus the oldest chick ended up running all over our little town to find the clues. Chicks #3 and 4 had to stay home with us because they do not listen to the older kids so well.

His party was about week after his real birthday so he had asked The Rooster to bring him home a giant cookie from Sam's. I think that it added a few pounds to both the Rooster and I.

Here he is standing by his ten gifts. They were on our mantel for two day before his birthday. He spent a lot of his time looking at and shaking his gifts. A few of the bottoms had some how been opened by his birthday. He claims to have no recollection of removing any tape. Yeah right!