Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Recently at our church I over heard a new mother speak some words which made my mind spin. I was not a part of this conversation but simply one of the women standing by a group talking. This comment was made by a new mother. Well, not really a brand new mother, she had just had her second baby in the last four weeks. Her words were spoken, after the baptism, of her second child. After the service many people were gathered around to see this new little babe and to congratulate the parents. Her older son is about 3 years old and was acting out a little. It can only be expected because he is not getting the attention plus he just had to sit for an whole hour. The mother than said, "You know, he is really bad. I had know idea what he was like but now that I have been home for a few weeks with him, I have realized how bad he is. "
This mother does not even know her child. She works and probably carts him off to day care every day and then picks him up a few hours before his bed time. How utterly sad I found her statement to be. To not even know your own child that had been given to you by God. Our Heavenly Father has given us these children to raise for Him, and some of us do not know our children. We only have 18 years to make an impression on these little people. We only have a few short years where we can hold and kiss them. We can not cuddle an 8 yr. old like we can a wee baby. When our children our 30, we can go back and relive those precious years of their childhood. We only get the chance to see it once. We only get a chance to kiss a scraped knee so many times before they are big enough to handle the pain. We only have one shot at being a parent. We only have one lifetime to know our children.
I am brave enough to to stay home with my children. I am brave enough to have them not like me when they must be punished. I am brave enough to love them until my heart breaks. God also loves us so much that his heart was broken once. He sacrificed His own Son to pay for all of our sins. His Son Jesus paid for all of the times that we do not love our children, for the times when we do not want to know them, for all of the times that we do not want to do our jobs. All of these sins were paid for with Jesus blood on the cross. Not only the sins I mentioned but every sin ever committed upon this earth that God made. Deo Gratias Thanks Be To God.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

LCMS homeschooling Moms

Yesterday we had such a wonderful gathering of friends. A group of Martin Loopers were able to get together for some much needed mommy time. Martin Loopers is a group of Homeschooling LCMS families joined together through an email loop. We talked and had a snack of what else but chocolate. There were also many children present and playing in the hudge yard. Thank you Diane for doing such a good job being our hostess.

The hen (me), Jacki (not on loopers but a LCMS homeschooler), Andrea , ~Diane , and Julee >):o)
Here are all of the children that were present. They ran, laughed, talked, played with kittens, did skits, and everything else that children are supposed to do. It was great to watch them make new friends.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Good or Bad

Oh! These tomatoes look oh so yummy. I have been waiting for our tomatoes to turn ripe because they are my absolutely most favorite thing to eat fresh out of the garden. They are just beautiful from the top. But they are hiding deep dark secret. Once you flip these scrumptious little guys over then turn on you.

Yuck! They still taste wonderful after you cut the awful bottoms off. I guess none of these guys will be going to our county fair.

I feel betrayed by my little tomatoes.

Sewing is done

Chick #1 has finished her sewing level 1 projects for 4-H. She will be modeling them on Thursday so she should have plenty of time to practice walking around with them on and smiling. She dyed the top after she sewed it so it would be about the same shade as the skirt. Plus it was fun for her to use the dye. The skirt was dyed first and she added this heart design to the fabric. After it was dyed she sewed the simple skirt. Chick #1 was surprised that she finished it in one afternoon. I think that she learned a lot and had fun with these two projects.

This is a close up of the hearts that she put on the shirt with a freezer paper dying technique.

A high school friend

Here is a friend that I knew in High School. We had a special bond back then because we were both LCMS and we were both from Nebraska. Her parents are now going to be moving back to NE so I had the chance to get together with an old buddy from the past. Our lives are so much different now that we are real grown ups. It was wonderful to see her and visit with her again.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

4-H projects

Here Chick #1 is finishing up one of her sewing projects for 4-H. She still has two more that she wants to finish before next Thursday so we will see how much gets done tomorrow. I wanted to get a few good pictures of her sewing while she is 9 because before I know it she will be taller then me. As you can see my sewing area is small and just takes up a little bit of room in my bedroom.
I also have a very simple sewing machine 2 stitches. One 4-H girl in our group laughed at it. You know, that is just fine because I have made some really cute things with this little machine. Even this cute little flower girl dress two years ago. This was when little chick #3 was only three years old and was the flower girl for one of my close friends wedding.

Here are Chick #1 hands while she is sewing on her strap to her tote bag. Already her hands are about as big as mine.

Monday, July 16, 2007


My children are not jumpers. They are not leaper. They do not like to fall off of things either. When it comes to diving boards, lets just say there is some hesitation. We are in the mist of swimming lessons. Daily we are driving to local pool. Note (it is a 20 min. drive) At the end of their lessons there is a free time where the children may jump off of the diving board if they want or play in the shallow water. For some reason my children always want to jump off of the board. But they can't always do it. Chick #1 was the best at this phenomenon. She would have grand ideas at home about jumping off the board. Then when push came to shove, she would stand at the edge of the board. Gaze into the water below and never jump. It was as thou a supper sticky glue was holding her feet to the board and she would not walk off or jump. Finally she would give up and leave. Chick #3 seems to be coming down with this same type of habit. Chick #2 just never wanted to try. "Nope", he would say. "Why wait in line and jump in the deep water when I can play all I want in the shallow water." This past week there has been an adventurous growth with in chicks #1 and #2. During lessons Chick #2 jump off the board and figured out that it was fun. Chick #1 was sad and stressed by the board. She would not even walk up to it. On Sunday, the whole family went to the pool to cool off from the heat. The little Chicks think that it is so much fun to swim with the Rooster. I suggest to him the we should jump off of the board because I did not think that Chick #1 had ever seen us do that. We have always been to busy trying to keep out wee little chick floating. So the Rooster jumped off a few times. Then I jumped off of the board a few times. Then Chick #1 seemed to become a little braver. The Rooster was able to get her to get on the board but she would not jump. He got her to jump into the pool next to the board and just a few moment later she was jumping off of the board. She had been smiles ever since. The photos are ones that I took today during lessons and while I swimming with little chicks after our picnic.

Chick # 1 making a leap into the pool from the board.

Chick #2 is getting reading to jump in. I could not get my timing down to get a good photo of him. Either he runs in our he swaggers up to the end then leaps in a way only a boy could. Cannon ball style
Chick #4 just because he looks so darn cute with these little goggles on. He hardly puts his head under but he loves to wear the goggles.

This photo was taken on Saturday, the Rooster birthday. He had to work over time so we meet him in town and went out to lunch. After we enjoyed some wonderful pizza we headed over to the zoo. Don't you think that it is fitting that the little chicks are "hatching" out of an egg.

Lutheran Carnival LIV

Please visit the Lutheran Carnival LIV and see what fellow Lutheran's are blogging about. I seem to have been noticed this time. Thanks to Pastor Synder for hosting this time.

Friday, July 13, 2007

A July 7th photo

Every year, but one, we have taken a family picture of us on our front porch on the fourth of July. This year we were just a few days late. Our fourth of July day was very busy. We were a little sleepy because of the party that we have gone to the night before. Chick #2 was in the local 4th of July parade for his baseball team. I did not get pictures of that because my batteries died in camera. You have got to hate that when that happens. Then the afternoon was filled with cooking, lighting fireworks and swimming. This photo was taken on the 7th before we went to yet another party at one of our friends houses.


Then 2002


On the 3rd of July we went to one our friends house for a July 4th party. There is always a lot of food, fun and fireworks at this party. Usually we spend most of the time in there front yard which faces the east. That is where their driveway is and most of the kid fireworks are lit there. This year the kids packed their swimming suits because I knew that there might be swimming. I was able to see this amazing sunset because the pool was in the backyard. While the girls were splashing away I was snapping away at God's own fireworks.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Pretty Feet

I have pretty feet today! The Rooster had bought me a gift certificate to have a pedicure and manicure done for Valentine's Day, but who wears sandals in February. So I had saved it for July. We have a parade to go to and a 4th of July party so I want my feet to be beautiful. I had never had a pedicure done before and it was something else. I got to sit in a massaging chair and soak my feet in a built-in jets tub. I did giggle when she scrubbed the bottom of my feet but I tried to control myself. The little painting on my big toes were $5 extra but I could not resist. Hopefully it will last for a while.

VBS done!

I am done planning and living through an other VBS week. This was the first year that I ever served as VBS director. It takes so much planning and typing and calling people to prepare for the week. I was a little over whelmed but it always turns out fine. We had enough teachers and helpers. The kids all had fun and I think that we were able to teach them a few things. Chick #3 is sitting just behind the juice pitcher. She was hoping VBS would never end.
As you can see I had decorated the snack area to look like a market place. We used a VBS program that Pam Neilson had written a few years back. Her programs are very no frill and full of good theology and liturgy. The one that we did this year was call "Here I Stand". It was all about the creed, Martin Luther, and the time of the reformation.

June flies

Our month of June just flew by so fast. I can not believe it. It is like I blinked and it was gone.
One of reasons for this happening was because of softball and baseball. We were running to games about three to four times a week. We had to many suckers and a lot of sunflower seed but it was fun.

Chick #1 got the chance to be pitcher. She was hoping all season that the coach would give her a chance and he finally did in the last season game. Then she got a chance to try again during their tournament and she ended up striking someone out.

Here is chick # 1 and 2 in their ball uniforms.

Chick #2 caught a toad I found in our garden. The kids had a lot fun playing with it and watching it hop.

Here is chick #4 at our last ball game. His big brother is on third base and is getting ready to try to run to home.
It was also the rooster and my anniversary. He always buys me roses on our anniversary, so far we have 12 years down hopefully many more to go.