Friday, November 09, 2007

When it rains it pours

Just ask my husband and he will tell you that it is true. It never fails, that if one thing break in our house there will soon be another thing to follow it. Lets go back to last Saturday. My trusty kitchen aid mixer was kneading my bread dough and I walked away to check on one of the little chicks. Suddenly, The Rooster came up to me and told me that he turned off my mixer because it stopped. WHAT? I was trying to wrap my chicken brain around what he was telling me. How does a mixer just stop? Maybe he was trying to say that he turned it off? I always set my timer to beep when the mixer has kneaded the dough for the right amount of time. It usually takes about 6 min. for the dough to turn out right. I asked The Rooster, "You mean that you turned it off, right?" "No", he said. "It shut off so I turned the switch off". Now my mind was racing, could my mixer be broken? Oh the horror, I use this thing all of the time. It was the The Roosters idea to buy me this heavy duty mixer after I kept burning up hand held ones. The model we bought was a reconditioned model because we could have never afforded to but a 6 quart mixer any other way. The Rooster and I established that, yes, the mix was broke. I then look at my husband with pleading eyes. "Dear", I say, "You are able to repair presses that are as big as our house, surly you can fix this little mixer." The Rooster then took apart my mixer, that I am secretly in love with, and figured out that the motor is going bad. Good! We just need to get a motor. Well that statement is easier typed than done. Now the Internet is a wonderful thing and after much surfing and a phone call to acquire and differ part number, he was able to locate a company that sells the motors for these mixers. Mean while, in the hen house, that left me to do manual labor.

Poor Poor mixer!
Notice the bulging muscles from kneaded dough for 6 minutes. Just joking! Let me tell you that those women of the past must have had wrists and elbows of steel. Mine began to hurt after only a few minutes.

The vacuum then decided that it would try to copy the mixer buy busting a plastic piece that holds that tubes together that are used with the beater brush. Duck tape temporarily fixed that break down so I could vacuum the filth and live with the way the floor looked. Hopefully, both of these parts will find their way through the postal system and end up on my door step soon.


Caroline said...

I love my kitchen aid mixer, and use it quite a lot as well. Mine was a birthday gift that everyone went in on together. I hate when everything breaks at the same time. Hang in there, and hopefully the postman will come soon!

Marie N. said...

I would be lost without my Kitchen Aid mixer as well. My mom gave it to me as a gift the last Christmas she was alive and I don't think I could part with it. Hope your motor arrives and is installed in plenty of time before Christmas.