Friday, January 23, 2009


The baby chick with her new bib. There will be plenty of room for when she starts to eat solid foods in about 3 more months.

Here I am, The Hen, making pizza crust for the Rooster and Chicks dinner. Yes, I am not wearing make-up. Now the whole world knows what I look like with out mascara. Oh the horror.

Unexpected gifts are some of the funnest ones to receive. My friend wrote about sewing a apron for a gift. I was secretly very excited because hen material would definitely give away who it would be for. I was hoping maybe I would get the gift. Why would I be chosen though? I know this woman and we really get along very well. Actually, I think that we are very much the same. I was so happy to open this gift which was a rooster and hen apron for me. I love aprons and like to have an excuse to wear them. I do not know if she knew that about me at the time when she made it. She also sent me mint flavored chocolate. This is also my favorite. If I am given a choice over flavors and mint is one flavor to choose, you betcha, I will choose it. The baby chick also received a beautiful bib. This woman is so talented and I am very thankful for the gifts she sent us.


Barb the Evil Genius said...

All those pictures are cute and the sewing looks wonderful.

Anonymous said...

You are very welcome & I am glad you like it! :) I was already planning to send the bib but when I saw the hen fabric. . .I really hoped you wore aprons.