Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Here I sit in the kitchen listening to a child plunk at the piano. Hamburger is trying to cook from a frozen state upon my stove. I am hoping that children have their math books open and that Chick #5 is not attacking lipstick. This stuff happens every day. Every day I sit in my home and everyday it is the same. Our home may seem busy and happy and funny and interesting, but to me, it is the same old same old everyday. I get bored in my home and I mess up a lot. The laundry is not done, the meals are not planned out, I am not always nice to my children or my dog. Poor dog, he get the worse of it. I fail at loosing the weight I gained right after chick #5 was born. Plus, I do not always love my spouse or my God.

My God, my Father in heaven, saves me from all of me. My sinful nature is in every single cell of my body. My sinful nature come out in my words, thoughts and deeds. But my heavenly Father has saved me. His Son, Jesus Christ, died for all sin. Sin from Adam and Eve until He comes again. God does not see me or my sin, He sees His perfect holy Son. Through baptism I died with Christ and rose from the dead with him. Christ is alive in me and He loves my spouse, cooks the meals, loves and cares for the children and pets the dogs head.

I try to be thankful for this but I always fall short because of sin. So for the moment I am happy that Christ in me can make this a safe and happy home for my husband and children and goofy dog.


Gina said...

You take this big hiatus from blogging and then you come back with this. There are a few people in my life who remind me what Christ has done for me and why I can keep going each day no matter how much I sometimes don't want to. Thanks for being one of those.

Cheryl said...

Hi Charity,

Just wanted to thank you for writing this. You spoke for many of us today. Thank you.