Wednesday, January 04, 2012

A cool bowl

This is a cool little bowl. We inherited it from some of our friends who have older children. My little chick #5 is now three, so she had learned how to carry a bowl with out tipping it. She can walk through the house with a cup of water without spilling. Please do not think that I have a daughter that never spills, she does. But this skill is pretty much on her I can do list.

What if I only gave her bowl like the one pictured above? This bowl is designed not spill, a no mess bowl. Great for mom, maybe even mom focused, because is the child learning anything? Do they learn to carefully balance the Cheerios so they do not have to pick them up? Would other things then be delayed by a child using nothing but a spill proof bowl and cup.

These are the things that make me go ummm while I wait for the coffee to brew.

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Caroline said...

Our kids are grown, but I've seen this on TV and wondered if it really worked. I would have loved it for long car trips. Those crumbs under the car seats about drove me crazy. We traveled a lot when the kids were little - they were great travelers!