Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Dying the death

Why do some people struggle with controlling everything? They think that they can fix all of the problems that happen in life and yet fail to discover that sin has caused these problems. People of today have a "can do" attitude about everything; finances, marriages, emotional issues, you name it. I can fix it! I can take care of everything. I am in control of my life! What if Noah would have said that. What would have happened to The Church? Could you imagine Noah telling God his ideas about saving human kind. God, I think I have another idea, this ark thing of yours will just be to time consuming. Why not a raft that would only take a few days. I don't know about taking all of the animals either. Man, that just sounds like to much work. How about I just take a few of the really good ones. You know God, I am really proud man and I think I can do this alone. I can take care of everything. I do not want to die the death!
The only way that any good can come out of any sinner is to die the death. We all must be crucified with Christ. We must drown in the waters of baptism and die, only to then rise up out of the water and then clothed with Christ. Then and only then can Christ in us take care of all of our problems. Then we can have peace. Then we can have ever lasting life. I am hungry for the supper to come at the Divine Service!


Lynn of St. John's said...

Very well said.

Lynn of St. John's said...

Q: When we say “spiritual” development, what are we talking about ?

A: Our goal is to “fix our eyes on Jesus”( Hebrews 12:2 ) and what Jesus has done for us by God’s grace.