Saturday, October 21, 2006

Roy Dog June 6, 1994 to October 21, 2006

Our very loyal dog, Roy, was put to sleep today. He was always willing to be by us and love us. In the days of his youth he would run circles around the yard play fetch and loved to take us for walks. You see, when he was a young dog he was very strong and would pull us along as if the most excited thing in the whole world was waiting for him around the next corner. He had a grand collection of toys and would prance around the house carrying them in his mouth. Roy's most prized toy of all was a rather large stuffed cat that he would drag everywhere. He would make everyone of his meal times a grand event and would walk up to the person that was not putting the food in his dish and make sure that they knew he was being feed. His whole body would start to wiggle at the excitement of eating. When Roy was 3, his world was turned up side down when we brought our first new born baby home. He was immediately very gentle with children and he always look after them. As each new baby was brought into the house he was a little older and more patient. Roy also had a terrible time with ear infections so by the time he was nine and half he had lost most of his hearing. This was a very sad thing to happen to him because he never really wanted people to pet him. He wanted people to talk to him. He wanted to know what was going on and he would turn his head and seem to really be paying attention to whomever spoke to him.
He loved to roll in the grass when we all outside. He always slept in our room unless there was a little new born baby in there that woke up often. I think that he wanted his sleep and did not like to be disturbed. He was also a great singer. I know you all are wondering how does a dog sing. But while I studied music in college, he would sit and watch me practice my voice music. One day he just started to sing along with me. From that point until he lost his hearing he would always to sing if we said "sing Roy". He will always be remembered for being the wonderful dog that he was. We will greatly miss him.

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4Js4HIM said...

Oh, I am just crying my eyes out! What a sweet eulogy you gave for your sweet dog! He sounds like he was a really great dog and member of the family.
I had to put down one of my dogs (the one that loved me the most and followed me around and protected me all of the time) this last February, just one month shy of his 16 year. I had rescued him, as he had been dumped as a puppy. I then nursed him through a near death experience with Parvo-virus and then Heartworms. In the end, he was nearly deaf and blind, had horrible arthritis, and when I took him to be put down, the vet says he was full of cancer, so I had made the right decision. George, my dog, would have gladly and lovingly kept going for me, had I let him. Even in the end, he put his head on my chest and looked up into my eyes as he died. He died knowing I loved him and didn't want him to suffer anymore, that he had been my loving companion all those years.
Well, you really didn't need to have to read all of that, and I can barely type now, but just know that I know how you feel and know your loss.