Thursday, October 19, 2006

What is wrong?

I have an eight year old daughter who is mostly very happy and upbeat but sometimes there is something wrong. I can just tell by the way that she is walking. The way she is holding her head. The way she moves her arms or sits in the chair. Something has made her sad or unhappy or hurt her feelings. She also tends to worry about things. I mean really worry about things. I, as her mother, know that if she does not talk about what ever is bothering her she will become a very melancholy girl. So I then ask the question "what is wrong?" She will then cry and do everything but tell me what is wrong for about 20 min. This then causes me to loose my patience because I do have four children and can not stand there all day while she will not answer a simple question. She is a perfectly normal girl and very smart but when it comes to her talking about he emotions it becomes completely impossible. Usually I can not even understand her because of all of the crying she is doing. When the whole ordeal is over it turns out that she was making her self crazy over something that was so minor and insignificant. My husband and I try to have patience with her but it is very hard. Her little worrying habits can just about take over the whole household if I do not keep a tight reign on them. I think that some times she is using it as a way to get a little attention from my husband and me.

I am sure that often times, in our sinful nature, we will bring many meaningless worries to our Father in heaven. He is the ever patient Father. Always there for us and always providing for us. We need to never worry because He will always give us all we need to support this body and life. Yet, despite this, we worry. We through our sins at God and wonder if they can really be forgiven. His answer will always be a resounding YES! In our darkest days he will forgive us. Some of you may be asking why? The reason is because he said so. Yes I am forgiven because He said I was. He spoke forgiveness at baptisms as a wee baby, and he speaks forgiveness every time He feeds me at the Lord's supper. He speaks these words of forgiveness in the prayer he gave us. The Lord's Prayer. To the free gift of forgiveness, all I can say is amen.


Barb the Evil Genius said...

This sounds so much like me! I have a very difficult time expressing things that are wrong with me, even to my husband. I especially have a problem when I am hit with a direct question, like "What's wrong?" For me, it is easier to bring up things I am upset about just during normal times with my husband. Like when we're both sitting in the family room in the evening, watching television or doing something on or laptops. :) Gradually, things I have been thinking about come out.

Nana Porcupine said...

Dear Lutheran Hen, I love the way you use all these everyday situations and apply them to Gods great love and Gifts for us. As I think of this 8 yr old and her problems it brings to mind the many so called worries and problems that we harbor and cry about. We need not fret becouse our Lord tells us in Matthew 11:28, Come unto Me all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Sometimes we cling to our problems and try to handle them ourselves. We know without doubt that Our Loving Father can and dose take care of all our burdens and that He wants us to come to him, Ask and it shall be given. As He instructs us in His Holy word. In Philipians 4: 6-7 He tells us not to be anxious about anything but in everything by prayer and pettition, with thanksgiving present our requests to God. and the PEACE OF GOD wgucg trabscebds akk ybderstabdubg will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Just like you know your daughter and know something is wrong, God even more so knows us and our ecvery need and thought. If we do not take our problems to God in Prayer and let Him carry them for us, We also like this 8 yr old girl will become very worrysome and melancholy, effecting all those around us. As you said, Amen to His grat love and forgivness throgh His Son, Christ Jesus

Favorite Apron said...

This sounds like a great parenting dilemma, but like you said, Lutheranism offers the best solution.