Friday, February 16, 2007

This little girl

This is my third daughter ,Constence, and is she something else. I do not know if it is because she is the third child or what but she is different then all of the other children. Usually she is a very soft spoken girl and almost whispers. I am constantly telling her that she must speak louder while she is telling of her dreams or about a story she made up. She will talk quietly to herself most of the day and imagine the wonder and exciting things. All she needs is two pony tail holders and their will soon be a adventure happening. But watch out if she if fired up about something because she can be a ball fire. The loudest thing in the house running to and fro. She will laugh so loud and squeal that it makes our ears hurt. Her whole goal in life is to be 14, have braces and talk on the phone. So I guess I better watch out. A few days ago she had a bad dream during the night and talked about for most of the morning. She told her dream to everyone and we were all getting a little sick of it. Suddenly she starts telling me that today she will be praying to God so that she will have good dreams. When a child speaks of such things it helps to let you know that something is sinking in. This morning I was reading her one of her favorite stories and she wanted to know both of the girl's name. Wouldn't you know it, but this story did not give us the name of the main character. It was a beginner reader book. She then decided that she would name the little girl. After a little while she comes into the kitchen and tells me the girl's name. "I named her Sarah, Mommy" she said. "Oh", I said. "Yeah, it's in the bible you know." said Contence. I just smile and finish making the oatmeal.

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