Thursday, February 22, 2007

I can't give it up

This is my favorite food. I could eat popcorn everyday and I would never dull of it. It is perfect you can eat it with your fingers, it's salty, and fun to eat. Popcorn is something that I can not give up for lent. Just looking at the picture makes your mouth water, doesn't it?
This is my famous popcorn pot. It is a heavy cast iron dutch oven and it works wonderfully. All you need is some olive oil and butter in bottom and your good to go. Of course you must salt the crunchy treat after you dump it in a bowl.
And look who has raised their ugly head in my house again. The dreaded sock monster has returned with more power. There was a full scale battle last spring and I was victorious. There remained only a slight remnant and it seems that the remnant grew. I do not know where this monster gains his strength but I must beat the beast.

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Favorite Apron said...

I never thought to make popcorn in the dutch oven - duh! We have one of those aluminum pans with the crank handle on top.