Saturday, December 01, 2007

A.K.A. Staple Head

There was a little happening at the The Hen House today. While I was busy getting our lunch prepared and The Rooster was helping out in the dinning room, we heard a thump followed by a loud cry. This is never a welcomed sound in a house with four children. The Rooster was the first to swoop up little Chick #4. He was very scared, hurt and only wanted mommy. I held him tightly in my arms and whispered words of comfort into his ear. I then tried to look him over to find out what hurt so badly. There was drips of blood on his hair, and more was falling onto my hand. I told the Rooster what I noticed and he became a little shaken. Those people out there that know me already know that cuts makes me a little squeamish. The Rooster tried to see where the cut was and soon found that it was at the back of his head. Chick #4 calmed down very well and let us clean the cut and look at it. He had fallen out of a chair,, and hit his head on a corner on our computer desk that then caused a small puncture wound right smack in the back of his head. I called our pediatrician and asked the nurses if they thought a wound like that would need stitches. The nurse told me that it should be looked at but they could not get him in until 3:30. At that time it was 12:30 and I did not want to wait that long to have someone look at a head wound. It would also take about 40 minutes to drive into town to this office. Did I also mention that we had had an ice storm the night before so everything was very slippery. We decided to take the little chick to a small local hospital that is only about 20 minutes away. It is not a wonderful hospital but OK for very minor things like cuts that may or may not need stitches. All six of us piled into the suburban and arrived safely at our destination. Little Chick #4 was doing very well with the cut only slightly bleeding on the way to the hospital. After the nurse and the Doctor looked at it they thought it would be best if the cut had two staples put in it. Then it would heal much faster with out a lot of fuss. Quicker than a wink to staples were put in his head and all was better. Chick #4 took it a little personally that they hurt his head some more but he did not cry long and I got him to tell them "Thank you", in the end. Later on during the day while the chicks were playing at home, we kept hearing a door being slammed. Slamming doors in this house is against rules so The Rooster and I wanted to know who kept doing this. Chick #1 quickly piped up and said, "It was Staple Head!" Now how is that for a nickname.


Ryan and Leslie said...

Poor Wyatt. He sounds like he was very brave through the whole thing. I wonder if his nickname will stick?

Cheryl said...

I hope Staple Head heals quickly!