Wednesday, January 02, 2008

toddler logic

The funniest things comes out of the mouths of little chicks sometimes. I am always so surprised by their logic. Last night chick #4 was having a grand time playing with a magnifying glass. He was looking at many different things with it and was pretending to find clues. I then explained to him that the magnifying glass "made things bigger", notice that I did not say make things look bigger. Today we went out to the mall with my parents so the little chicks could spend their $10 that they received for Christmas from one of the Rooster's aunts. Chick #4 picked out a Spider-man toy that shoots out foam darts. The toy is a little small to fit his wrist and he is not happy with the way that it feels. I do not know how small this toy company thinks that little boys wrists are but if it is tight on a almost three years old's wrist I do not think that a five year old could play with it very well. Chick #4 was walking all around my parents home looking for his magnifying glass. I remembered that he wanted to take it with him to the mall, but he had to leave it in the car. I asked the Rooster to get the magnifying glass for Chick #4. He was very happy to have the magnifying glass again and brought both the glass and the new toy up me. In his most sweetest voice he looked up to me and asked, "Now Mommy? Can you make my spider-man shooter bigger with the magnifying glass? It makes things bigger."

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Marcia C said...

Thanks for sharing. Wait till your kids are older, and they find out how to start a fire with a magnifying glass.