Friday, February 29, 2008

History fair

I have a very good reason for not blogging lately. The hen house has been very busy researching history projects. A little over a month ago The chicks sign-up to be in a home school history fair. The oldest chicks have been reading, studying and typing. I had to help chick #2 with some of the typing he had to do for his project. He is pretty slow and he would also become frustrated. I figured it was better for me to type his words instead of having him give up. Chick #1 picked Elizabeth I of England for her project and Chick #2 picked the topic of Daniel Boone. They enjoyed finding their books at the library and I helped them find a few web sites they could research. It really amazed me how much more they learned besides history. The listed included library skills, grammar, organization, cooking, leather work, spelling, reading, comprehension and time management. I knew that Chick #1 would do very well on writing her project and finding information. I did not really know how well Chick #2 would do on his project. It turned out that he did very well. I had to give him a little more guidance than the older child. We would decide on a topic of Daniel Boone's life to research, for example his birth. Then I would give him a few question to find the answers for and he would then put those question and answers into sentence form and type them up. The chicks also had to prepare a two minute presentation about their topic. Chick #1 and I were able to find a few poems written by Queen Elizabeth the I, so she read those for her presentation. The presentation for Chick #2 was a little more difficult. He did not want to do it, but I had assign it to him so that meant he had to. It took a little brain storming on both of our parts until we came up with something. First, he had found a funny little story about Daniel Boone walking back-wards in the woods to loose some Indians. Then after that he talked about Daniel being a excellent tracker and showed everyone some animal tracks that he had printed off. It was such an enjoyable evening to see all of the work that these home school students had done. There were about 36 student at the history fair.

Chick #1 is standing here with her history board and hand made item. We had found an Elizabethan recipe for Apple Moye which is like apple sauce. She had fun cooking and severing it to the parents and children.
Here she is reading the poems written by Queen Elizabeth the I. She read very well but Elizabethan poetry is a little hard to understand. She presents herself so well in front of an audience. I had asked her if she was nervous at all. She said "No, I was so nervous for (Chick #2). He looked scared Mommy." That was just such a sweet thing for her to say.

Chick #2 was proud of his board and his leather pouch that he had made. At first he thought the pouch would be difficult to put together but then he quickly caught onto the idea. He spoke very well during his presentation. I was surprised how clear his speaking was and how calm he sounded because I knew that he was very nervous.


Nana Porcupine said...

Thank You for the lovely pictures of Chick #1 and #2 It was so much fun to read about their research projects and it looks like they both did a excellent job. I love listening to both of them speek, they have very clear voices and are easy to understand. Some children speek so fast especialy when they are nervous. Good Job Mom for all the coaching and help, I know they learnt a lot from this project! With Love!

Marie N. said...

Wow! What a great experience! That is fantastic :-)

AmusedMomma said...

What fun! Thanks for sharing. I'll bet they both retain a lot of what they experienced learning and presenting about their history projects.

Caroline said...

Congrats to Chicks #1 & #2...sounds like all their hard work paid off.