Monday, March 03, 2008

Glass, Glass, Glass

Some of you may know that The Rooster's grandmother died in December. As it now turns out his Grandfather is moving into a assisted living center and their apartment needed to be cleaned out. I have had many things brought into my house and I do not know where I will put them or what I will do with them. As to date I have three garbage bags of sheets and different cloth items, Grandma's sewing box, two quilts, and a table full of glass. Soon to come are two dressers and glass cabinet. The girls just love all of the glass pieces and think that it is beautiful. I am hoping the The Rooster's Dad will come over and pick out a few things. I think that I will keep a few items and maybe one of the Roosters aunts will want something. But I just do not have the room to keep all of this stuff. I wish that we could go back to days when people just had a few precious item. Now it seems that we have hundreds of precious things and we are always looking for more. I know that grandma bought many of things at garage sales so they are not that precious. A few still have the color dot on the bottom so you could tell who would get the money when it sold. It has been hard to see the aunts and uncles of the Rooster trying to find ways to deal with all of the stuff that these people kept.

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Nana Porcupine said...

WOW! The colorfull glass is pretty when you see it all together on your table. Don't you have a silent auction or something that you could donate a few or a lot of the pieces? ? ?

It would be for a good cause!