Saturday, March 07, 2009

A Visit

My parents were down for a visits in February so we took the opportunity to celebrate three of the chicks birthdays. Chick #2, #3 and #4 have birthdays in February and March. They gave them all their presents. Can you guess what their gifts were? Roller skates for the younger two and chick #2 got a pair of roller blades. They will be having so much fun with them after the weather warms up a little.

Chick #3 is showing chick #2 how to skate in our dinning room. Nana and I did take the chicks down to local skating rink so that they could really skate with music, lights and everything. NaNa has posted a few pictures of that here.

The three of them with the cake that had all of their names on it and candles for all of their birthdays.

Chick #2 likes to decorate the cakes too, so I let him do the yellow frosting. I am sure that he will want to help with his own cake next weekend. He had told me that he wants his made from scratch instead of from a box. I will have to plan a little extra time for that.

NaNa made sure that she had plenty of baby chick time.

PaPa made sure that he had plenty of comfy couch time. I looks like he had a valentine delivery.

The girl chicks enjoyed making homemade valentines. We do this every year and make the table a big red and white mess.

Here is everyone with the grandparents after church services.

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