Thursday, February 04, 2010

another morning meal

This morning we all woke up just a little bit earlier so I was able to make one of the kids favorite morning meals, waffles. A waffle iron can only make one waffle at a time so it takes about an hour to make these. That reason makes this meal happen a little less often in this house. I cooked the left over bacon from earlier in the week to go with the waffles.

Tomorrow it might be another egg morning in our house. I have not planned that far in my head yet. The Rooster takes over breakfast duties on the weekends. He makes a huge meal on Saturday mornings. I remember when he first decided to start that job in the house. He said, " I want to do something that the kids will always remember". So he picked making Saturday morning breakfast. Sometimes other things get in the way, like baseball games or hunting, but as a rule, it is his job. The kids always look forward to Daddy breakfast. Every now and then I will help to make biscuits or mix up pancake batter. Usually it is a morning that I can enjoy a little quite and drink my coffee.

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