Monday, August 14, 2006

45,000,000 deaths

45 million deaths, a genocide, and abomination and a end to human life. What on earth could cause so many deaths? The plague? Oh, I bet the dreaded bird flu. Maybe the coming world war three that so many people are a buzz about. No, none of these things have caused so many deaths or probably will cause so many deaths. Our own government has caused these deaths all for sake of a woman that we scared to become a mother. Well that woman had her child anyway and still these babies are dyeing. In 1973 the government made abortion legal and I am sure you all know that. It is a very well know fact and it is very sad! It troubles me so to realize that since the year I was born so many little babies were never loved or held by their mothers. Their cold hearted mothers decided that rather than fall in love with this baby, that would have it sucked out and killed. Sad, Sad, Sad. Is the sinful nature of human kind really this awful? Do we all have that same type of sin in us? Are we all poor miserable sinner? YES! We all deserve death and eternal punishment. But is there hope? Why should even go on living in this awful horrible world? Because we, even though we are sins are loved and we are given great and glorious gift from God. His only Son, Jesus Christ, was made of the flesh as a wee little baby. Do you not think that Mary was scared to be mother? She was not yet married and the man she was to marry and he was not the father of her baby. How many of the 45 million deaths were killed because of those reasons I wonder. She was given a holy Child to carry and her heavenly Father was the baby's Father. These baby was sent down for such sins. He is the perfect Lamb to die for our sin. He is the payment for such terrible things. All people that are baptized into Christ have this forgiveness of sins. We receive the gift of this forgiveness at the Altar, in His Body and Blood that he shed for us on the cross. Jesus's Blood washes us clean. Amen.


Kim said...

You are right, it is an atrocity that this is happening. On the other hand I don't think we can just broadbrush and call these women "cold-hearted". As one who has been a part of this atrocity by having 2 abortions as a young teen, I had no idea what I was doing. I had bought into the lie that it was better for all involved. Since then I have had two children who I love more than anything and I weep whenever I think about the two I killed, which is often. The guilt of what I have done almost killed me before I realized that God can forgive even this. Because I am one of these women who have to live with the emotional scars of abortion I tend to think differently of these women. I feel sorrow that they are doing this with little understanding of the lasting effects this will have on their lives and I pray they will find forgiveness and peace through Christ.

Charity said...

Kim rejoice in the Forgiveness that is given you by Jesus Christ! His Blood has washed us all clean.