Monday, August 28, 2006

Let school begin

And so it begins. The education year has begun in our home and chaos has followed. The baby has pink marker on him, one little child tossed all of the homeless sock out of their bag and there are mega blocks all over my living room floor. In amongst all of this mess learning is taking place. We are reading aloud Tom sawyer and the older children are really enjoying it. We are about half through our story of the world book and I hope to finish it this school year. We will finish one more chapter about trees in our Apologia science and then move on to the astronomy book. I am also focusing more on English this year and we do about 20 min. of work everyday. Math-U-See is of course done everyday and the children also do handwriting and silent reading. I have not tackled our new spelling program yet. We will be using Spelling Power for the first time. My goal is to have a better understating of the program and begin to use it next week. I also hope that we will learn one word a week form the English from the root up program. Hopefully the younger two will not destroy to many things while they explore and play. Now back to checking on my son and English assignment.

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