Thursday, December 21, 2006

six stockings

These are my children's Christmas stockings. I finished little Wyatt's yesterday. I had lost my pattern to them so I had to free hand Wyatt's and I think that it turned out just fine. Each of the kids have a snowman on theirs because the kids always make everything fun. I also made the boys stocking green and the girls red to help keep track of them. The girls also have stars on them because girls like to make everything pretty.

Here are the grown up stockings. Mine is red and with a star and my husbands is green. I put two trees on ours because the two of us together keep all of our "little snowmen" in line.


Barb the Evil Genius said...

Those are very nice! I keep thinking I will do something special with Christmas stockings like that, but so far I haven't. There's always next year!

Charity said...

These were not to hard to make I can do all of the work in about three hours. I started the project over four years ago. This is the first year I have the entire families compleated. Last years I made a little extra work for myself and made them for my sisters family. (three people) She just loved them.

Melissa Sutton said...

I did love them.They are very special to me. Great Grandma Hanssen also thought they were very nice. My favorite thing about them is they handwritten meaning that you sent with them. It will alwyas remain in my stocking to remind me. Thank You!