Friday, December 22, 2006

2 days till Christmas

I have four beautiful nativities on my buffet in our dinning room. The large one was bought by us at hobby lobby. The have nice sales on nativities before Christmas and my husband thought we needed a larger one for the house. The tiny glass one was given to me about 11 years ago by my sister. I have a nativity Advent wreath (on the left). It was given to my by my Mother, she is very good at catching my little hints that I toss around. I do not have any blue candles in it because I have looked at three stores for them and could not find them. This item will now be on my list every time I go to town so that I will have them for next year. We do have a white Jesus candle in the center that we will light after our Christmas Day Divine Service. And finally, I was just given the Nativity snow globe by my husbands Grandmother. I have a few other snow globes but have not posted the pictures of them yet.

On our piano in the dinning room I have two German Christmas pyramids. The one on the left was bought in Germany by my Mother. We lived in Germany from 1989 till 1992. My Father was in the Air Force and was stationed over there while I was in high school. I miss those lovely Christmas markets that they had there.
And here is the infamous "large red candle". I do not like, let me say it again. I Do Not Like The Red Candle! My husband teaches Sunday school at our church and he got this two years ago from one of his students. I was making fun of the thing even before it was unwrapped. I really believe that it will be a part of my Christmas decorations forever. It is the thorn in my flesh.

Now folks you really must understand that I am kidding. (A little) Now I may not be able to post again before Christmas because I am having a house full of people over for Christmas Eve day. I wish everyone a most Blessed Christmas. And to my Mother and Father who will read this, I Love You!

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