Thursday, March 01, 2007

Can you say SNOW?

Here is the lovely view from our front windows in our living room. There is about two feet of snow in our driveway and my dear husband took our little ford escort to work this morning. When he left is was not very bad yet but it sure did pick up. I am now wondering if he will even be able to make to back home tonight. He has about a 30 mile drive to make it home. Maybe he will have to stay over with one of his friends from work. With the winds blowing so hard there are going to be huge drifts and our the road leading to our town is not know for clearing away drifts. I have tried to shovel the area of the driveway where his car will be parked. Hopefully after lunch I might be able to make it a little closer to the street. My arms already feel like Jello.

Here is the view from the back door. It is not very often that we have snow stuck onto our trees. The kids really want to play out in this weather but I am making them wait till the winds die down. I think that I will be making a big pot of warm chili for supper tonight. I just hope my husband will be here to help us eat it.

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