Monday, March 19, 2007

Birthday parties

My oldest son has his birthday party last Saturday on the 10th. The boys had fun playing together and the Dads had fun visiting with each other. As you can see from the cake he had a race car theme going. I love to decorate cakes for my children's birthdays.
This is Tristen just before he blew out his candles. He is very proud to be eight years old.
Little Constence who will turn 5 tomorrow had her party on Saturday. So that meant two parties in my house with in 8 days. My house was clean for a whole week. This cake took a little bit of time to make. I was not able to start baking the cake until 7PM and then I was up until 11 finishing it. I had made the pony hair a few days earlier. It is made out of sugar, water, corn syrup and pink food coloring. I then cooked it until it was at the soft crack stage. Then I had to form each strand of pony hair. It sure did turn out nice.
Here I am with Constence before all of the little guests arrived. This was her first birthday party with friends.
Finally, our new couch, chair and ottoman were delivered last Friday. We had never bought a couch before because people in the family had always given us hand me downs. This past month our recliner broke and we decided it was time to buy real furniture. I think that the leather will last a lot longer than cloth. Our dog is trained well enough that he will not be getting on it. My husband and I are still helping the kids to remember not to put there shoes on it or to cut paper on the couch. We did buy the five year protect plan so if anything does happen it can be fixed. I really like the wood feet on the bottom and the rolled arms. It is traditional with looking to stuffy.

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Barb the Evil Genius said...

I love the cakes, and the couch looks perfect for a nap!