Friday, March 23, 2007

Where oh where did my enchiladas go?

During lent our church serves dinner before the church service. The whole church works together to bring different item for these dinners. This Wednesday it was enchilada night. I usually bring something every Wednesday and this time it was a big pan of enchiladas. Yum! Now I do not want to brag but I can cook pretty well. After the ladies served everyone we opened the ovens and there were my wonderful enchiladas. I was thrilled because I would not have to cook Thursday night. We enjoyed them Thursday evening for dinner. But low and behold a half of a pan of enchiladas were left. They would go so nicely with a big salad for Friday at lunch. Plus my husband would also be able to take some for his lunch.
I was not home last night. My daughter had dance and I took her there then I drove to town for choir. This morning my husband called me to tell me about the happenings in our house last night. He said, "The enchiladas are gone." "Oh?", I said. Then I heard about how our third child, Constence, got some grapes out the fridge last night before bed. It seems that she did not get the door shut all of the way. So, while Birk and the children were in the living room the dog, Toby, pulled out the pan and enjoyed. Can you believe it? He ate my enchiladas. Birkley told me that if he (Toby) asks to go out I better let him out quickly. My husband is still holding a grudge against the dog. Lets just hope Toby does not figure out how to open the fridge.


Marie N. said...

oh no!!!

And now you all have a taste for them so you'll be called upon to make them again soon I'm sure.

We had a family dog that ate one pound of nutmallow (chocolate, marshmallow and peanuts) one Easter. It was a disaster.

Come to think of it, the same dog ate a recipe of rum balls (individually wrapped in plastic wrap and ties with yarn) one Christmas. In case you are wondering, 20-pound dogs can't sit up after consuming a half cup of rum.

Charity said...

Oh, Your poor dog. I bet it was a little funny to see. My last dog ate a whole plate of brownies once. He basicly laid around for the whole day after that. When I was a girl our family dog ,Buster, ate my whole easter bunny. He loved chocolate.

Favorite Apron said...

Get used to it -- soon your teenagers will be eating anything that is not nailed down and this will be a nightly occurance!