Monday, July 23, 2007

Good or Bad

Oh! These tomatoes look oh so yummy. I have been waiting for our tomatoes to turn ripe because they are my absolutely most favorite thing to eat fresh out of the garden. They are just beautiful from the top. But they are hiding deep dark secret. Once you flip these scrumptious little guys over then turn on you.

Yuck! They still taste wonderful after you cut the awful bottoms off. I guess none of these guys will be going to our county fair.

I feel betrayed by my little tomatoes.


Marie N. said...

Is this blossom end rot caused by low calcium in the soil? I have heard my local garden show on the radio talk about the condition but I have not seen it. Unfortunately skunks or coons knocked all (every single one) of our tomatoes from the vine when they were still very very green.

The Hen (Charity) said...

I really have not time to research why this happening to my tomatos. I do not remember it being a problem in the past. At least it does not seem to be happening to all of the different kinds that I planted.

Caroline said...

In Texas, this is caused by irregular irrigation - a dry spell followed by water - apparently the moisture of the soil should remain steady - or something - it looks like blossom end rot to me as well.