Monday, July 16, 2007


My children are not jumpers. They are not leaper. They do not like to fall off of things either. When it comes to diving boards, lets just say there is some hesitation. We are in the mist of swimming lessons. Daily we are driving to local pool. Note (it is a 20 min. drive) At the end of their lessons there is a free time where the children may jump off of the diving board if they want or play in the shallow water. For some reason my children always want to jump off of the board. But they can't always do it. Chick #1 was the best at this phenomenon. She would have grand ideas at home about jumping off the board. Then when push came to shove, she would stand at the edge of the board. Gaze into the water below and never jump. It was as thou a supper sticky glue was holding her feet to the board and she would not walk off or jump. Finally she would give up and leave. Chick #3 seems to be coming down with this same type of habit. Chick #2 just never wanted to try. "Nope", he would say. "Why wait in line and jump in the deep water when I can play all I want in the shallow water." This past week there has been an adventurous growth with in chicks #1 and #2. During lessons Chick #2 jump off the board and figured out that it was fun. Chick #1 was sad and stressed by the board. She would not even walk up to it. On Sunday, the whole family went to the pool to cool off from the heat. The little Chicks think that it is so much fun to swim with the Rooster. I suggest to him the we should jump off of the board because I did not think that Chick #1 had ever seen us do that. We have always been to busy trying to keep out wee little chick floating. So the Rooster jumped off a few times. Then I jumped off of the board a few times. Then Chick #1 seemed to become a little braver. The Rooster was able to get her to get on the board but she would not jump. He got her to jump into the pool next to the board and just a few moment later she was jumping off of the board. She had been smiles ever since. The photos are ones that I took today during lessons and while I swimming with little chicks after our picnic.

Chick # 1 making a leap into the pool from the board.

Chick #2 is getting reading to jump in. I could not get my timing down to get a good photo of him. Either he runs in our he swaggers up to the end then leaps in a way only a boy could. Cannon ball style
Chick #4 just because he looks so darn cute with these little goggles on. He hardly puts his head under but he loves to wear the goggles.

This photo was taken on Saturday, the Rooster birthday. He had to work over time so we meet him in town and went out to lunch. After we enjoyed some wonderful pizza we headed over to the zoo. Don't you think that it is fitting that the little chicks are "hatching" out of an egg.

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Marie N. said...

The eggshell photo is great!

I don't remember being fearful of the diving board, but my daughter is still leery of it. She is not a great swimmer though.