Monday, July 02, 2007

Pretty Feet

I have pretty feet today! The Rooster had bought me a gift certificate to have a pedicure and manicure done for Valentine's Day, but who wears sandals in February. So I had saved it for July. We have a parade to go to and a 4th of July party so I want my feet to be beautiful. I had never had a pedicure done before and it was something else. I got to sit in a massaging chair and soak my feet in a built-in jets tub. I did giggle when she scrubbed the bottom of my feet but I tried to control myself. The little painting on my big toes were $5 extra but I could not resist. Hopefully it will last for a while.


Caroline said...

I LOVE pedicures! I try to get by the nail place every 2 months for my soak, scrape, and paint job. It tickles me when they scrub my feet too:)

Nana Porcupine said...

I love your new blogs and your very pretty feet! They sure did a good job on the flowers and even added glitter paint. How cute! I hit my curser on the photo and that was the biggest toes I have ever seen! LOL

Marie N. said...

That is a wonderful gift!
Enjoy your day showing off those toes.

Jane said...

Pedicures are the best!

I'm going for one week after next and I can't wait. I love the flowers on yours.