Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I have been AWOL

The past few weeks have been busy in our house. We are now in the full swing of homeschooling. My dear husband is teaching the older two Latin this year so it should be interesting. Our new little homeschooler (chick #3) is doing well. I am teaching her reading and handwriting. Hopefully her numbers will improve soon so that she can start doing more math. The older ones seem to be handling their studies just fine. They are studying Math-u-see Delta and Beta, Christian Liberty Press Handwriting, Spelling Power, Story of the World Three, Apologia Science Zoology 2, English for the thoughtful child 1 and 2, Writing Strands 3, Prima Latin, Catechism work, Piano, plus studying musical composers. Do you now understand why I have not blogged in some time. I am also going to have the older two study some children's Lit. using the study guilds that are put out by Veritas Press. I just want each of them to go through two this year. They will of course be reading other books beside these two.
Chick #1 is reading the Harry Potter books right now. I read them first then I give them to her to read through. The little girl has much more time to read than I do so she is now waiting for me to finish book 3. I want to make sure that there is not anything to scary in them for her to read about. I have been keeping up with all of our laundry and I even got rid of some stuff. Chick #3 had way to much clothes and it would not all fit into her dresser. We have solved that problem by taken a huge bad to Goodwill. The chicks and I also went through toys and got rid of things that never got played with. It was getting just awful with the amount of toys we had tin the house. There was not room for them to be put away. I seem to have to do this every fall so that there will be room for the new things that will come into the house during birthdays and Christmas. I still need to read science to the little chicks so I should get going and do my duties. Hopefully it will not be so long between my posts again.

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Marie N. said...

And so another year begins! My new student is relishing this year so far too.

It feels great to get rid of some of those extra toys and clothes - doesn't it!