Tuesday, October 02, 2007

New Friends

I have met a really wonderful new friend. I know that in the past I have spoken about Martin Loopers before and I have had the opportunity to meet yet another one of these amazing people. Her son is in a hospital close to where I live and they are living there until his body is healthy and well again. While she and her son are there they do not have any transportation. I went and pick them both up and brought them to my house for some down time and good cooking. We have had so much fun on these visits and last night we laughed to much during dinner. It is always a good thing to get the giggles. I do not think that this happens enough in our world today. If you would like to check out how my friends son is doing you can check out her blog at http://simuljustisetpecatur.blogspot.com/ Little John is going to be having surgery on Friday so we should all remember to say a pray for him and his family.

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