Sunday, August 26, 2007

crawdad feed

We had the pleasure of being invited to a crawdad feed this weekend. These little guys were wiggling around trying to pinch the kids that were wanting to play with them. Until, they were tossed into a pot with boiling water. These little guys were cooked up Cajun style and they were spicy!

"Poor me! My tail and claws have been eaten by The Rooster."

The Rooster seems to have a unique style in his crayfish eating.

Hummm. It looks like Chick #2 has the same type of style. I wonder where he learned that?

Here are chick #2 and #3 looking at the fest. They did not partake of the sucking of crayfish but they would gladly break the tail off for the hungry guests.


Barb the Evil Genius said...

My eldest daughter would have loved that. Me and my youngest, not so much. :)

Marie N. said...

Yummy! My grandmother (from New Orleans) made wonderful crawfish pasta dishes. I prefer them that way.

My cousins will call me a yankee for preferring hot and spicy buffalo wings!

debbie said...

I'm with chick #2&3! No crawdads for me! :oX

Lis said...

How fun. I also love your picture of the mother hen and chicks. Can you tell me the artist? I'd love to purchase one for our home.