Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Sad Day in the LCMS

It seems that one of our little seminaries has gone a bit to far. Maybe it is on the orders of our not so wonderful present Mr. Kieschnick. (Yes, I am leaving off the Dr. part on purpose) They have pulled the plug on one of the most wonderful resources that our church had to offer. Issues Ect. is now gone. No longer will people listen to Pastor Todd Wilkin, Jeff Scwartz and the confessional LCMS view about issues in our world. "Fired" was the gift they were given by the synod this week. They took all of the wonderful archives away as well. What a horrid thing to happen to the LCMS during holy week. I pray that the safety of Higher Things and Good News magazines will not be touched. Boo to you St. Louis.


Josh Schroeder said...

Just a point of clarification: while the radio station is on the Concordia Seminary campus in Clayton, KFUO is owned by the LCMS and operated by the Synod's Board of Communication Services. The Seminary had absolutely nothing to do with this.

The Rebellious Pastor's Wife said...

And unlike KFUO, Higher Things and Good News are independent ventures. I don't think the Synod could shut them down if they wanted to...The closest thing they could do is call those who are involved with them, convincing them that if they came to work for the bureaucracy,they could make a difference, but they'd have to abandon what they are currently doing...and thus effectively shut them up. I believe that is their general approach to that.