Thursday, March 20, 2008

A six year old chick

This little chick turned 6 years old today. We got her two gifts and I think that she is happy with them. She never really asked for anything to specific but I guess that means she is happy with her little life.
She did ask for something tho. I will not be baking her birthday cake until Sat. for her party with family and I asked her if she wanted me to make her some special cookies or if she wanted daddy to pick something up from the bakery for her. She knew right away what she wanted, doughnuts. We never ever have doughnuts. In fact my little chicks had never ever seen a whole box of doughnuts. The hen house was full of excitement waiting for The Rooster to come home from work this afternoon. You would have thought that he was bringing home a new little puppy the way the chicks were acting. Oh the squeals that I heard when he drove into the drive way.
I had to take a photo of her eating the wonderful doughnut. She had chocolate from ear to ear.
Plus here is a photo of the girl chicks in their ballet outfits. Both of the girls danced in a local talent show on Sunday night and chick #3 just loved wearing her tutu. I was going to post a cute picture of chick #3 when she was a babe but my scanner and I do not have a good relationship. I can not get it to do anything right. I think that the Rooster is going to have to look at it and make it cooperate with me.


Gina said...

Happy Birthday Chick #3!!!!! Donuts, yummy, what good taste you have :)

debbie said...

I have a chick turning 6 on Sunday. The number one gift on her list is $6! I am not sure why...But hey! its easy. other than that she wants a stool so she can reach her clothes in her closet. :)

Caroline said...

You've had several birthday's this month I see. congratulations on the upcoming blessed event. The state of the LCMS is in serious peril.