Monday, April 21, 2008

Little eggs chicks and food

I have been very absent from my blog for some time. Educating children can take a lot of time and we have been hitting the books. In our house we will be continuing school for most of the summer because we will be taking off the months of October and half of November when this new little chick is born. Speaking of the new little chick, he or she is causing me to pop out all over. I am sure that everyone who now sees me knows that I am pregnant. The new little babe is also causing my hunger to increase be leaps and bounds. Most women love chocolate and crave it. That used to be me but no more. I do not know what it is but the thought of chocolate is not appealing. I am hungry for vegetables and fruit. Now that is different! My first little chick caused me to love salty things, the next three were sweet tooth babies plus a craving for pepper. The consequences of the sweet tooth were three cavities. Yuck! I had never had a filling before and looked to my children to tell me what that experience was like. Now, it seems, I will be having a little veggie baby. So, what could that mean about this little one. Maybe it will grow up to be a wonderful gardener, which I am not.


Melissa Sutton said...

I would love to see a picture of you popping out all over. And I didn't know you had three cavities. LOL I still have perfect teeth. Yea Me!

Marie N. said...

The strange cravings are interesting. With my first I wanted cream of celery soup. It had probably been a good ten years from the time my mom last served her family cream of celery to the day I was looking around in my own kitchen for something to eat when it struck me that I really needed cream of celery soup.

I'm glad you're feeling good!