Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Easter Chicks

Easter at our house was a very exciting event this year. NaNa and my sister and her son were able to come down for a visit. It was a very quick one but it was very nice. The cousins had a great time playing and getting to know each again. They had just seen each other in January but they needed a little time to get familiar with each other again. They came on Good Friday and little chick #4 was finally back to normal. He had been suffering from a fever for most of the week that finally broke Friday afternoon. Saturday was a birthday celebration for little chick #3 who turned 6 and that meant a family trip to one of those fun pizza places. The food was very good and the kids had a blast. After the services on Sunday we finally got down to dying Easter eggs and having a little hunt. We hunted eggs for a while outdoors which called for coats since it was only 34 degrees. After that I wanted to head back inside the house. I think chick #4 was tuckered out from the cold weather outside and needed a snack. As soon as he found a egg in the house, he stopped where he was and peeled it. The little shells dropped right to the floor and he started munching. It was a very cute three year old moment.

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