Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I am disgusted with how much money these candidates for president are going through. The three of them have raised over 70 million dollars in the past month. That is just one month of fund raising. 70 Million seems like a huge amount of money to me. Lets face it, filling up our suburban feels like a huge amount of money right now. I suppose I could use all of my research skills and try to find out what these three yahoos are spending their money on, but what would that matter. We all know they "need" expensive clothes and meals and shampoo and whatever else they think they deserve. But I will not waste my time in that way. I see so many places and charitable organizations that need help. America would do so much better to help children or the elderly than to pour their money into this crazy campaign.

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Gina said...

A presidency is so very expensive to buy ;) The part that I think about is how many people think that they've bought a share of the president with their campaign donation and what he/she/whoever will owe them later. I'm sure not all are like that but there's got to be a good measure of them that are.