Monday, May 19, 2008

Dancing dolls

It seems that I am having troubles with posting photos again and it takes over 45 min. Maybe that is one of many reasons I have not been posting anything. Life may settle down for a little while since the girls are now done with dance. We have have their photos taken, rehearsed and performed over the past two weeks. During that same time there has also been many ball practices, games and graduations to attend. Both of the little chicks wanted curls for the dance recital so I pick up some fun little foam curlers. They absolutely loved having their hair in rollers and having a fuss made over them. Of course the Ugly Duckling needed one roller too. He really did not want to have his photo taken but the oldest was finally able to hold him still. During the recital the oldest chick had four costume changes and the younger one only three. This whole year chick #3 kept telling me that she hated dance and wanted to quit. She never cried about going, she just was never really excited. Then it came time for recital, costumes, jewelry, lip gloss and curls. She was is heaven! I told her that this is what all of the practicing was for and now it was time for her to show off. This little chick now tells me that she never wants to quit dance and she was a little sad when the recital was over. I am glad that she now understand that hard work can really have a fun pay off.


Barb the Evil Genius said...

How fun for the chicks! They look so cute.

My youngest chick has a recital on Father's Day. Why her dance teacher picked that day, I don't know. She only has two dances, though, one for ballet and one for jazz. I'll post pics, probably around their dress rehearsal.

Angel said...

I love how Toby is laying there with the girls all with their curlers!! Check out my blog--I put up pictures of dad & Jamie!

Kim said...

Cute pictures!
I also have problems uploading pics to Blogger, I just figured it was my connection combined with their site.

Nana Porcupine said...

How fun to see the girls all dressed up! I can about see them dancing. I wish I could have been there. Those rollers sure work nice. Thank You for the post. Check out pictures of Baby Claire!